2000 AD #2320

    2000 AD » 2000 AD #2320 - Prog 2320 released by Rebellion on February 22, 2023.

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    I am The Mighty Tharg, alien editor of this illustrious SF anthology — Thrillswitch engaged! I bid you galactic greetings, Terrans, to another ghafflebette assault on the senses courtesy of my ever-busy creator-bots. There’s more mekmayhem, time-splitting terror, cosmic carnage and world-hopping wonder in the latest instalments of Joe Pineapples, The Order, Proteus Vex and The Out, plus we have a complete Dredd thriller from the Niemand and McKeown droids as Ol’ Stoney- Face reflects on the dangers he’s faced across his sixty-six years on the streets in Taking Doors!

    Cover: Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague

    • Judge Dredd - Taking Doors (Ken Niemand - Kieran McKeown)

    Mega-City One, 2145 AD. Home to over 200 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, where tensions run a constant knife-edge. Unemployment is rife, boredom is universal, and violent crime is rampant. Only future cops the Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!

    • Joe Pineapples - Tin Man (Part 9) (Pat Mills - Clint Langley)

    Former war-droids, the ABC Warriors were reassigned to bring peace to the frontier planet of Mars. Comprising Hammerstein, Deadlock, Blackblood, Steelhorn, Mongrol and Happy Shrapnel, the Mek-Nifcent Seven’s sharpshooter was Joe Pineapples, a robot with more secrets than most. Needing a break from his comrades, Joe’s headed off across the cosmos with sewer-droid Ro-Jaws in tow..

    • The Out - Book Three (Part 9) (Dan Abnett - Mark Harrison)

    The furthest edge of the universe, far into the future. Cyd Finlea is photo-journalist working for the publishers Global Neographic, travelling deep into outer space — otherwise known as THE OUT — and cataloguing the alien societies that she encounters. She left Earth ten years ago and has been seeking other ex-pat humans — but she discovered that she’d been contaminated by the Tankinar, turning her into a cyborg. Cyd has managed to break free...

    • The Order - Heart of Darkness (Part 4) (Kek-W - John Burns)

    Throughout history, mankind has been under threat of extermination by the Wurms, creatures that break into our reality. Defending humanity are THE ORDER, a band of warriors that have fought the entities across the centuries. But time has become fractured, and the despotic Francis Bacon is determined to rule a vast empire. Now, The Order must battle the shadow-creatures at the edge of time itself...

    • Proteus Vex - Crawlspace (Part 9) (Mike Carroll - Jake Lynch)

    The far future. The centuries-long war between the Alliance and the Obdurate people is over, a conflict brought to an end with the deaths of billions when the Alliance teleported a dying white dwarf star into the Obdurate system. Imperium agent PROTEUS VEX who is operated by a flesh-pilot — became an enemy of the Alliance when he released info about past war crimes. But now war with the Scorchers has broken out...



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