The Avengers #42

    The Avengers » The Avengers #42 - The Plan -- And The Power released by Marvel on July 1, 1967.

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    Qucksilver teams up with Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Hercules to track down Diablo. But can they find him in time to stop him from reactivating Dragon Man and unleashing his immense power?

    The Wasp and Goliath are held captive by Diablo, and The Avengers are pondering their rescue. Hawkeye accuses Hercules of showing no initiative and `freeloading` at the plight of his fellow Avengers.

    They contact the Fantastic Four and Reed Richards provides Quicksilver with the co-ordinates for the location of Diablo`s castle stronghold in Transylvania...

    Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hercules promptly jet over to Romania...

    In the castle, Diablo tells the captive Goliath that he intends to create an army of Dragon-Men. Using Wasp as a hostage, he threatens Goliath with her safety unless the scientist will help Diablo create the life-giving serum he needs to activate his Dragon-Men clones...

    Hercules has gained entrance to the castle dungeons through an opening in the mountainside. The Avengers enter through the main door, which Hawkeye blows away with a grenade-arrow.

    They are confronted by Goliath, who, fearing for the safety of his wife holds his fellow Avengers at bay...

    In underground chambers, Hercules finds Wasp chained, gaurded by Dragon-Man. The two titans clash!

    Meanwhile, thousands of miles distant in the Far East...

    In the secret base of Colonel Ling, The Black Widow is revived after being tested with the Psychotron weapon. She tricks her captors, takes out some gaurds, but is soon overcome again by sleeping gas...

    Back in Diablo`s castle, the Scarlet Witch has managed to convince Goliath to join his fellow team-mates against Diablo. The villain holds the Avengers back with a force-shield and he prepares to destroy the caves holding Wasp with explosives...

    Enter Captain America! Cap has tracked the Avengers using the homing beacon in the Aero-Car. He fells Diablo using his shield...

    Meanwhile, Hercules has overcome Dragon-Man who falls into a pool of molten lava. Wasp is freed, and they join the Avengers. Cap rigs explosives in the castle and, with a captive Diablo, the group jet away as the castle explodes.

    Back in Avenger`s Mansion, the heroes learn Black Widow is a prisoner, a distraught Hawkeye vows vengeance!



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