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The release of the Robot-Master! After Professor Mendel Stromm is let out of jail, Spider-Man keeps close tabs on his former foe. But what is Stromm's connection to Norman Osborn? And what is the Robot- Master planning in his new-found freedom?

Professor Mendel Stromm Is Just Released From Prison After A 10 Year Sentence.

He Swears Revenge On Norman Osborn, The Man Who Put Him In Jail In The First Place.

Peter Is Still Having Problems At School With Flash Thompson And Nearly Gets Into A Fight But Peter Declines And Walks Off, Everyone Is Laughing At Him But Gwen On The Other Hand Doesn't As She Starts To Pity Peter Again And Thinks Theres More To Him Than Just Meets The Eye.

Professor Stromm Invests Money In A Green Robot With Many Legs That Can Stick To Walls.

He Uses This To Get Into Norman Osborns Factory And It Starts Destroying Everything By The Command Of Stromm.

A Fire Starts And Spidey Decides To Snoop Around To See What All The Commotion Is.

He Sees The Robot And It Grabs Him With His Arms And Crushes Him.

Spidey Leaps Into The Fire And The Robot Realeses His Grib Spidey Then Spidey Makes A Quick Escape And The Robot Escapes Too Stromm.

Meanwhile J.Jonah Jameson Is Having Trouble Finding A New Secretary For The Bugle.

Stromm Is Pleased With What His Robot Has Done As The Fire Was Blamed On Spidey By J.J.J, But Norman Belives It Isn't Sidey.

After Stromms Second Robot Is Complete He Sends It Off For Norman. Spidey Puts A Tracker Device On It And Follows It To Norman The Robot Attacks Norman With Its Laser Beam.

But Spidey Butts In Trying To Save The Day But Is Too Busy Trying To Save Norman That He Doesn't Realize Norman Hits Him From Behind Weakening Spidey.

The Robot Destroys The Building.

Spidey Then Follows The Robot To Stromms Hide Out And He Fight The Robot Until It Beams Its Own Controls With Its Lazer Thus Defeating Itself.

Spidey Goes To Talk To Stromm But He Senses A Gun Pointing Through The Window And Pushes Stromm From Harm.

Spidey Zipps Up To See Who Had The Gun But They Had Vanished.

Stromm Then Dies From What Seems A Heart Attack.

J.J.J Goes And Tells Norman Osborn The News About Stromm And We Then Find Out It Was Him Who Tried To Shoot Stromm Or Spidey.

But How Did He Get Away That Fast ?



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