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After their last battle against the Sentinels the X-Men are hurt and tired, especially Iceman, that have to stay at the hospital in coma state. While they are at the hospital, Angel's parents call Professor Xavier, intending to make a visit to the school. Xavier tells Angel to scout the area before they arrive. Then, Angel enters the mansion and is attacked and defeated by the Mansion's artifacts thrown by the intruder. When Cyclops and Xavier arrive, they don't find Angel, and are also attacked by some objects from the mansion and defeated. The Beast and Marvel Girl also reach the mansion and are defeated. At the end, the enemy locks the four X-Men and Xavier inside a ball trapped in a balloon and raises them up to the sky.

Meanwhile, Iceman is still at the hospital, in critical condition.

Angel's parents, Warren Worthington Jr. and Mrs. Worthington appear at the door and the mysterious enemy reveals himself as Magneto!



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Magneto could give the Trapster competition 0

The issue begins with the aftermath of the X-Men's battle with the Sentinels.Medical personnel are attending to the X-Men. Jean and Warren are fine, while Hank, Robert and Scott require further medical attention. As this medical subplot unfolds, Cyclops seems to be fine, though he has to convince an opthalmologist that examining his eyes is not an option. Beast has fractured bones in his legs but his healing factor helps him recover within an hour or two following his entry into the hospital.   ...

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At Times Flawed, At Times Exciting 0

After the Sentinels Saga, a story arc that was a great idea that dragged on too long, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby bounce back with this issue. With Beast and Iceman recovering from their injuries in a hospital, one of the X-Men's old foes decides to strike!The issue does have a few notable editorial blunders. In the very same panel that Professor Xavier mentally tells Beast not to reveal his true identity, he calls him 'McCoy' out loud in front of an attending physician. Later Professor X and Cyclop...

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"The way it ought to be!" 0

Incorporating haunted house suspense into fine character moments, Lee and Co. deliver a pretty impressive issue with only a few flaws.  Hank betrays some brief sexism when he jokes that Jean needs to her constant chatter just like a woman, but Jean possibly indicates she knows he is joking; it would be a relief to know the smartest X-Man is not gender-biased.  The only other glaring flaw in this issue is that Jean "forgets" she can levitate herself with her TK ability.  After all their practice,...

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