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Lilandra travels to Earth to warn the X-Men of Xavier's possession by Cassandra Nova.

Enroute, they are attacked by Cassandra who telepathically takes down the crew, one by one.

As the ship's pilot falls, wrecking the ship, Lilandra sends the Imperial Guardsman Smasher to warn Earth.

Back at the X-Mansion the X-Men take their current lull in action to reevaluate their situation. Emma suggests a new curriculum for the students, Phoenix and Cyclops reflect on Jean's powers, and Beast diagnoses Xavier/Cassandra's condition. Cassandra boobytrapped her own body with Alzheimer and other brain diseases that will cause Xavier to die within a week. Cassandra might be responsible for the flu epidemic and also seems to have been involved with the U-Men.

Additionally, she outed Xavier as a mutant, causing the school to get attacked by protesters and media. Jean plans to change at least this aspect by having a press conference and try to convince humans of their good intentions. Knowing that Xavier will die inside of Cassandra's failing body, Cyclops travels to China to visit a mutant capable of great healing - Xorn.

Elsewhere on Earth, Smasher arrives, violently impacting on the pastures of a rural farmland. Unfortunately for Smasher, the group of Earthlings he tries to warn before passing out has little hope of heeding his warnings – they are a herd of cattle.


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