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    Beginning: “The Flash Age”! The story we’ve been building toward since issue #50 comes to a head! While a supercharged Speed Force wreaks havoc on Barry Allen’s life, a new threat appears on the horizon in the form of the deadly Paradox. Destined to destroy the Flash’s legacy, Paradox sends his herald, Godspeed, to trap the Flash family! Plus, in this special anniversary issue: tales from across the generations of super-speedsters by an all-star lineup of writers and artists!

    Story Titles

    • The Flash Age, Part One
    • Beer Run
    • Why You?
    • Flash of All Worlds!
    • At the Starting Line...
    • Flash Forward: Epilogue


    • Howard Porter (a) & Hi-Fi (c)
    • Evan "Doc" Shaner
    • Mike McKone (a) & Michael Atiyeh (c)
    • Mitch Gerads
    • Dale Eaglesham (a) & Michael Atiyeh (c)
    • Khary Randolph (a) & Peter Steigerwald (c)

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverHoward Porter & Hi-Fi1
    Var1940s Variant CoverNicola Scott & Annette Kwok2
    Var1950s Variant CoverGary Frank & Brad Anderson3
    Var1960s Variant CoverNick Derington4
    Var1970s Variant CoverJosé Luis García-López & Alex Sinclair5
    Var1980s Variant CoverGabriele Dell'Otto6
    Var1990s Variant CoverFrancesco Mattina7
    Var2000s Variant CoverJim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair8
    Var2010s Variant CoverFrancis Manapul9
    VarBlank Sketch Variant CoverNone10

    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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