The Amazing Spider-Man #15

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #15 - Kraven The Hunter! released by Marvel on August 1, 1964.

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    While busting a gang of bank robbers, Spider-Man doesn't notice one of the criminals escape out a side window. That robber turns out to be the Chameleon, who has returned to the United States after facing deportation for his past exploits in crime. Seeing that Spider-Man is still a threat to his operations, the Chameleon decides to enlist the aid of an old friend - the world-renowned Kraven the Hunter - to take care of the web-slinger.

    Hearing of Kraven's arrival, J. Jonah Jameson takes Peter Parker and Betty Brant to document the arrival of the big game hunter. After Kraven arrives on the docks, some of the wild animals that were also on-board escape. Parker springs into action, quickly changing into his Spider-Man costume, only to find that Kraven has single-handedly taken care of the beasts. Kraven then takes off to meet with the Chameleon.

    Later that evening, Spider-Man takes care of some petty criminals, unaware that he is being watched from afar by Kraven. After dealing with the small-time hoods, Spider-Man runs across Kraven, and they have their first battle. During the fight, Kraven scratches the wall-crawler, injecting him with a potion that significantly weakens the web-head. Kraven then takes his leave, telling Spider-Man he wants to enjoy prolonging the web-slinger's defeat.

    Feeling slightly better the next morning, Peter Parker learns that his Aunt May has arranged a blind date for Peter with the niece of next-door neighbor Anna Watson. To put more strain on Peter over the duration of his day, he seems to be developing a nasty case of the shakes caused by whatever potion Kraven used on him the prior evening. The trembles become so severe he can't even use his webbing accurately.

    Deciding to search for Kraven, Spider-Man ventures out that evening, relying on his spider-sense to locate the big game hunter. Following him into a park, Spidey gets caught in a falling net. Freeing himself from the trap, Spider-Man finds himself surprised by what appears to be a second Kraven the Hunter. Confused by this sudden development, Spidey can't avoid Kraven's magnetic ankle and wrist cuffs. Hobbled by the device, Spidey sets out on the defensive while trying to free himself from the cuffs.

    Succeeding in his attempt to nullify the cuffs' magnetic properties, Spider-Man then quickly unmasks the imposter Kraven to reveal the Chameleon. Following that revelation, Spidey chases the real Kraven through the park until he traps the hunter in an oversized web. Returning home, Peter finds that Anna Watson's niece had a headache and couldn't keep their blind date, which doesn't upset Peter all that much.


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    Night of the Hunter! 0

    Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!This first appearance of Kraven the Hunter ranks up there with the first appearance of Doctor Octopus as one of the greatest of the early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. Unlike the contrived setup of the Green Goblin fight last issue, this one makes perfect sense. The Chameleon is back in town and when he narrowly escapes capture by Spider-Man, he reaches the conclusion that he will never be safe as long as Spider-Man is about. Thus h...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Kraven The Hunters Big Intro 0

    I actually like this book, once again some decent ideas are brought out. I don't think they were used to their full potential, but still, Stan the man did a few things right. My favorite was having Spiderman beating the snott out of Kraven with only one hand. I also liked the way Chameleon and Kraven worked together. Niether one could defeat him alone so they teamed up. Of course as alsome balls do have to be fumbled.. The one thing I really would have liked was to see the Liz Allen, Betty Bra...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    The Hunter gets captured by the game! 0

    The cover: 5 stars Fantastic cover set in a park with a night cityscape in the background, Spidey trapped and a colourful new villain, Kraven the Hunter, ready to attack our helpless hero plus the return of The Chameleon ... what more could you ask for! Kraven The Hunter (22 pages) Our story starts with Spider-Man breaking up a group of villains planning a bank robbery. One of them escapes and when our hero looks for him there’s only an old man walking by. This just happens to be The Chameleon w...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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