Tales of Suspense #53

    Tales of Suspense » Tales of Suspense #53 - The Black Widow Strikes Again! released by Marvel on May 1, 1964.

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    The Black Widow Strikes Again!

    The Black Widow returns, and this time she's after Tony Stark's new anti-gravity ray prototype. When word gets out that the top-secret prototype was stolen, Tony's public image takes another heavy hit, and Iron Man is sent after the Black Widow, who intends to use the ray to rebuild her own reputation behind the Iron Curtain by laying waste to Stark's empire.

    The Omen

    The Venturns are an alien race ruled by Lokar, a warrior king who believed in every superstition. Lokar was so superstitious that despite his desire for conquest, he wouldn't attempt an invasion of a neighbouring planet unless he received a favourable omen. Eventually Lokar saw his omen in the form of a brilliant explosion of light in the sky. The Venturan army were ordered to prepare their ships for an attack. On closer inspection the light turned out to be a falling star that would shortly collide with Venturas and destroy the planet. Hearing this Lokar ordered the guns to be removed from their ships to make space for the citizens. The ships took off and the star collided with Venturas, turning the would be conquerors into refugees who now have to plead with their neighbours for asylum.

    Tales of the Watcher: The Way It Began

    The origin story of The Watchers. An advanced alien race decides to share its knowledge of atomic power with the less developed Proscilican planet, hoping they will use the knowledge to advance their civilisation. However on returning to the planet, the advanced race find it has been destroyed in a nuclear war as The Proscilicans misused their new power. Thus The Watchers took an oath to never interfere in the matters of others and only record their deeds.


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    So.. Tony IS supposed to be smart, RIGHT? 0

    Spoilers will be in this review. So after Anton Vanko died last issue which was partially Black Widows fault, what does Tony do? Let her chill with him? Seriously? The worst part is he tells her about his anti gravity box/toy/weapon/thing(?). Seriously dude, you know shes evil and you still let her do that? The worst part is Pepper didn't tell Tony "C'mon man, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" No, that would be smart. She just thinks to herself "Well.. this may not be a good idea." Anyway after al...

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