Fantastic Four #11

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #11 - A Visit With The Fantastic Four; The Impossible Man released by Marvel on February 1, 1963.

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    Story One- "A Visit with the Fantastic Four"

    At the start of this issue, the Fantastic Four go to a newsstand to buy the latest issue of their magazine, only to find it crowded by people who want to buy it as well. After demonstrating their powers to some kids who are imitating them, the Fantastic Four head back to the Baxter Building, where they find a large sack of fan mail. The Thing has a booby-trapped parcel from the Yancy Street gang, which sends him into a rage. To calm him down, Mr. Fantastic gives him a serum which turns him into Ben Grimm, hoping that it will work permanently. The Human Torch then leaves, as he doesn't want to be around when Ben Grimm turns back into the Thing, which gets the Fantastic Four talking about when they were teenagers. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing then start talking about how they met in college when they were roommates, and then went to war shortly after they graduated.

    Mr. Fantastic then recounts how the team got their powers from the cosmic radiation when they headed to space, and says about how many adventures they've had since they got their powers. However, Sue then starts saying that they were less of adventures for her, since some of the fan mail has been complaining that she doesn't contribute enough to the team. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing then point out the times she has contributed, just as Ben Grimm turns back into the Thing. There's suddenly an alarm, and the team rushes to where the Human Torch is to find a birthday cake for Sue, as it's her birthday, and the team has been planning it for days.

    Story Two- "The Impossible Man"

    At the start of this issue, an alien who claims that he's from the planet Poppup appears in front of a group of homeless people. Upon asking them for the food, the men say that he has to pay them in cash, and sarcastically add that banks love to give it away. The alien misses the sarcasm and ends up unwittingly robbing a bank, not understanding Earth's customs, and so the Fantastic Four are called to stop him. They find him in a restaurant eating a banquet, and the Thing demands to know who he is. The alien explains that on Poppup, it's incredibly dangerous, and so his people can instantly change into anything they want in order to survive the many dangers there.

    The alien's ignorance gets the Thing angry, who then starts attacking the alien. This erupts into a fight, which the alien easily wins due to his ability. As he leaves, the Thing comments that the alien is impossible, earning him the name Impossible Man. The Impossible Man soon realises that people on Earth can't shapeshift as he can, and so tries having fun, which ends up with him causing chaos in the streets. As the Fantastic Four catch up to him, they are once more unable to defeat him, until Mr. Fantastic has the idea to just ignore the Impossible Man. This message is sent all over Earth, and so the Impossible Man ends up getting bored with Earth, and leaving.


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    Think of it as an early April Fools 0

    At the end of this issue it says, 'hope you enjoyed this offbeat issue' and promises things will be back to normal next issue. And I for one am pretty thankful about that. It's great to have a goofy issue once in awhile that only intends to be lighthearted fun, but I like to be able, in my mind anyway, to separate these stories from what I (if not Marvel) considers essential continuity. In fact, despite in the past blasting issues of FF (and other comics) that I saw as too goofy, I actually like...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    The Impossible Man! 0

    Man oh man, talk about drama! Well, despite the fact that I wasn't able to read the letters pages from the previous couple of issues, it's well known that Sue didn't initially go down with a select group of readers. It's something of a sidenote here in part 1's A Day With The Fantastic Four segment, but damn it's funny, and pretty innovative for a comic book of its kind. Also strong during this part is Sue and Reed's romance which is hinted at again, plus nice touches again with Ben and Johnny w...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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