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  1. Thor the Mighty "On the Trail of the Tomorrow Man!" - In a future free of war and weapons, the Tomorrow Man seeks to conquer the world. Using his brilliant mind to create a time machine, he looks into the past and finds a time and location where nuclear bombs still exist. Back in the present, Thor is helping the military test powerful bombs in the New Mexican desert. Before the latest bomb can detonate, the Tomorrow Man appears and steals the weapon.
  2. Weather Man (text story) - A newspaper weather man notices a strange pattern in the weather.
  3. Part 2: Flight to the Future - Thor calls upon his father Odin to help him travel through time and defeat the Tomorrow Man.
  4. Humans, Keep Out! - Mild mannered janitor Ezra Grumley holds the key to first contact with alien life!
  5. Changeling! - A tyrant king will stop at nothing to become handsome.


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Thor Goes to the Future 0

In this issue Thor is helping the government test weapons when out of the blue a man from the future (who seems to have been inspired by the criminal in last month's Journey Into Mystery backup story) appears and steals a C-Bomb (cobalt bomb). The story is a routine time-travel tale with Thor appealing to Odin to allow him to journey to the future to apprehend the criminal (a better solution than coming up with some super-speed time barrier malarkey). However, it is a bit of a Cold War era relic...

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On The Trail of the Tomorrow Man 0

The fantastic world of Thor meets science-fiction this month as our Asgardian prince battles it out with a madman from a utopian future who—having to access to weapons, and presumably the materials of which are needed to build them(?)—sets out to steal a nuclear warhead from the Americans in 1962. Okay, sure, I buy it… but more because I’m a sucker for science-fiction. And you know what? Mashing it in here with Thor instead of the Fantastic Four actually works wonders for both the plot and the c...

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