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  1. The Mighty Thor vs. The Executioner (Kirby/Ayers) - Dr. Donald Blake travels to San Diablo, a small country in South America under Communist control. The Executioner, ruling the country as dictator, has cut off the medical supplies sent to help those injured in the revolutionary war within San Diablo. Before the group of doctors and helpers reach land, they are attacked by jets. Thor easily dispatches them, sending alarm and interest to the Executioner inland. He assembles his tanks and plans an ambush...
  2. The Recipe (unknown) - a text story about a tomboy who gets into trouble when she tries to be more feminine.
  3. "The Witching Hour!" (Heck) - An unsavory character cooks up a plan to exploit backwoods peasants, but his accomplice makes things difficult for him.
  4. Somewhere Hides A... Thing! (Lee/Ditko) - Jacque stumbles through the arctic dying, but in his last moments, he reaches his companions and tells them about an amazing discovery in the ice!


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The Second Time's the Charm! 0

In his second appearance, Thor gets the treatment he deserves, as much more attention seems to be given to this second story than was to the first. Both the story and the art are improved over last issue.The storyline is kind of like Thor's version of Superman #1 (and other early issues of Superman/Action Comics), with Thor, and love interest Jane, visiting a war torn country and deposing the dictator (as Superman and Lois often did).The art, by the team of Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby, is als...

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The Mighty Thor Vs. The Executioner 0

I guess these Stop the Evil Commie stories resonated a lot more back in ‘62 than they do now. I don’t know, most of them reek of absent-mindedness and cheap exploitation of America’s paranoia. Nevertheless, when dealing with comics, one must expect a certain level of, erm, politcal investment. Especially with the CCA overlooking everything like, well, A Nasty Red!And so we are brought to Thor’s second story, just one month later (you have to wonderwhy, considering The Hulk and later on, Spider-M...

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