Batman: The Long Halloween #9

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #9 - Father's Day released by DC Comics on August 1997.

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    The issue opens with Bruce Wayne having a flashback. His father opens the door to find Vincent Falcone. His son Carmine has been shot, and Vincent is afraid to take him to the hospital for fear that Luigi Maroni will finish the job. As a doctor Thomas Wayne feels obligated to help the Vincent and his seriously wounded son. He performs surgery on a table as young Bruce watches from upstairs.

    Flash forward and Bruce Wayne realized that his father performing field surgery on Carmine Falcone was the link that Harvey Dent followed between the Wayne and Falcone families. It has led to the arrest of Bruce Wayne, who is currently behind bars. In court Dent is questioning Alfred. He refutes Alfred’s assertion that Thomas Wayne refused all forms of payment for saving the life of Carmine Falcone. He asks about the relationship between Carmine Falcone and Bruce Wayne. Alfred states that there is no relationship. Dent inquires why Thomas Wayne never filed a report in an attempt to put Luigi Maroni behind bars. Alfred counters by explaining that Wayne may have filed a report but that the level of corruption in Gotham at the time would have led to it never surfacing. He then discusses how months later the Wayne’s were murdered in the street an the killers never found. He suggests that Gotham may not have changed very much.

    Luigi Maroni is now retired. He is out among his tomato plants and his son Sal is asking for advice on how to proceed now that Holiday has murdered all of his men. Luigi tells him that he needs to eliminate The Roman before Falcone gets him. Later, a shadowy figure fires from between two of the tall tomato plants. Luigi Maroni is struck in the heart. Sal rushes to his father’s side only to find one of Holiday’s signature .22 pistols and a tie in a gift box. Holiday has claimed his Father’s Day victim and has escaped once again.

    Sofia Falcone Gigante enters her father’s study. She informs him that the grand jury acquitted Bruce Wayne in mere minutes. The Roman informs his daughter that he is busy. The scene is now being witnessed through binoculars and heard through electronic means. Sofia gives her father an ugly tie for Father’s Day. He responds in a polite but cold manner and leaves. Sofia looks crushed. Catwoman is revealed to be the one spying on the scene from an adjacent rooftop.

    Jim Gordon arrives home late yet again to find that his son is already asleep with a Father’s Day tie clutched in his hand. Gordon is clearly moved as he puts on the tie.

    Gilda Dent descends the stairs to her basement to find Harvey there sitting alone in the dark. He reveals that he has been to visit his father. He reports that his father’s mental illness is as serious as it ever was. He also reveals that his father has given him a silver dollar. He expresses frustration over his failure in the Wayne case. He feels that the jury’s decision was as arbitrary as a coin toss. He also once again expresses his frustration at millionaires like Bruce Wayne living in high society while he is left to attempt to clean up Gotham.

    In Gotham’s Central Park The Scarecrow is stoking a fire in a hidden lab and reciting modified nursery rhymes. He is approached by The Mad Hatter who seems to be in his “Alice in Wonderland” universe. The two psychopaths briefly shout their delusions at each other before Carmine Falcone steps out of the shadows and informs them they have pressing business with the Gotham City Bank depository.

    Bruce Wayne and Alfred are in Wayne manor by themselves. Wayne is wondering “what if” his father had never saved Falcone’s life how much bloodshed might have possibly been averted. Alfred states that Thomas Wayne would have saved anyone who came to his door. Wayne continues his musing and wanders off. Alone Alfred muses how Bruce’s life might have been different if he had acted as a different sort of father figure to the orphaned millionaire. He finds Bruce crouched on the stairs in the same spot that he watched his father perform surgery on Carmine Falcone. He tells his butler that he still misses his Father. Alfred informs him that he is his father’s son.

    Dent’s assistant Vernon has called the district attorney into his office late. Dent is frustrated until he opens the door and finds Maroni waiting for him. The crime boss expresses his anger with Falcone and says he is willing to work with Dent to bring him down.


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    This review is a Father's Day letter to all the fathers on Comicvine, plus my blood father who I will assume doesn't read anything I write since it doesn't make me money.  First I will address my blood Father... Happy Father's Day, I said it.  There it is the balance to the universe, me.... the son who has been wronged still respecting the father and wishing him well on this day, even if we are not on the greatest of terms, know you are my father and I love you.  "Love"... may just be the hardes...

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