Batman: The Long Halloween #8

    Batman: The Long Halloween » Batman: The Long Halloween #8 - Mother's Day released by DC Comics on July 1997.

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    The issue begins at Arkham Asylum. Batman has decided to question Calendar Man once again now that Mother’s Day has arrived. Julian Day seems afraid that he will be forgotten with Holiday being a higher profile calendar related killer. Calendar Man hints that he may know the identity of Holiday and asks to be released.

    Before Batman has a chance to respond a terrified prison guard alerts him of a break out. Batman notices the fear and realizes that the escape must be the Scarecrow. More terrified guards inform Batman that Crane’s mother visited him shortly before the escape. Batman announces that Scarecrow murdered his years earlier on Valentine’s Day. Scarecrow used straw to climb out of the building, leading the caped crusader to wonder who brought it to him.

    When Batman catches up with Crane the villain is on horseback. Our hero tackles his foe but in the ensuing struggle gets dosed with a heavy stream of the Scarecrows fear gas, allowing Crane to escape.

    Jim Gordon brings multiple officers to Wayne manor, only to be informed by Alfred that Bruce Wayne is not home.

    Sofia Falcone dangles a man over the side of Gotham River Bridge. The man informs her that a man who calls himself “Gunsmith” makes a custom .22 every month for the same customer. He tells her that she can find this man at Chong’s Tea House, and then she drops him over the edge. When Sofia arrives at Chong’s Tea House however she finds that Holiday has already been there and killed the man, leaving behind one of the signature .22’s and a basket of flowers addressed to “Mom”.

    Bruce Wayne is walking the site of his parents’ murder, intending to deliver a rose. Gordon and other officers arrive on the scene. Unfortunately Bruce is still under the influence of the fear gas and flees the scene in a panic. The officers chase him across the city and into a cemetery, where the eventually find the millionaire sobbing and clutching the grave of his mother.


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    "Momma, I just killed a Man..." 0

    The story goes in this issue that it continues the Red Herring banter if "Holiday" is a Man or Woman with Batman talking to Julian Day.  From there the Scarecrow escapes and it really messes with Bruce's head.  As Bruce prepares for Mother's Day in his own special way, the plot advances with the Gunsmith being visited by a special guest.  The Gunsmith is the one who was making the special .22 for Holiday. The issue ends with Bruce Wayne being interrupted by the police while he was trying to do h...

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