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The issue begins with Bruce Wayne in the study of mafioso Carmine "The Roman" Falcone. Falcone is attempting to get Wayne to agree to use his banks to aid in money laundering. Wayne refuses. It is revealed that the occasion is the wedding of Falcone's nephew Johnny Viti.

Wayne plans to leave the party immediately but is distracted by Selina Kyle and finds himself on the dance floor instead.

The action next cuts to District Attorney Harvey Dent in the parking garage taking down license plate numbers. Dent is seen on camera and is assaulted by several thugs. The beating is interrupted by Wayne and Kyle entering the parking structure.

While he was in Falcone's study Wayne noticed a safe. He decides to investigate as Batman later that night. When he arrives on the scene Catwoman is already there and has opened the safe. They briefly exchange words before some of Falcone's thugs arrive on the scene and start shooting, forcing the heroes to flee. Falcone is outraged by the disrespect and offers a one million dollar bounty on both Batman and Catwoman.

James Gordon and Harvey Dent have decided to include Batman in their attempt to bring down the organized crime in Gotham. They activate the bat-signal and discuss the situation with him, deciding that since Falcone is so far above the law, only Batman stands a chance of bringing him down. When Batman departs he leaves behind a ledger from Falcone's safe.

The next scene is in the boardroom of the Gotham City Bank. Wayne is arguing passionately against allowing the Falcone family to do business with his bank, but the bank president Richard Daniel (on the Falcone payroll) refuses to listen and has enough support.

Batman visits Daniel that night and convinces him to resign. This allows Wayne to become the president and keeps the Falcone money out. With the banks refusing to do business with them the Falcones are unable to launder money.

Richard Daniel is walking down the street when Johnny Viti fatally shoots him from the window of a car. Later, early on the day of Halloween, Johnny Viti is found shot dead in the bathtub with an untraceable gun and jack-o-lantern left at the scene.

Catwoman gives Batman a tip about the Falcone money. He and Dent locate a warehouse full of cash that the family has been unable to launder. They set fire to the warehouse and destroy all of the dirty money.

Dent returns home in high spirits. His wife informs him of a package that just arrived. The issue ends with the door of the Dent home exploding outward.


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The Purrrfect crime 0

Jeph Loeb works best when he is setting his stories in a theme, like Hush is Nursery Rymes and Superman for all Seasons is the four seasons.  Loeb also is solid when he works with Tim Sale.  Both of his go to creating comics formula is present in making the Long Halloween, where Holidays are the theme. Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb would also set up a great mobster Noir story by request of the late and great Archie Goodwin (RIP). This comic is the Purrfect crime.  We a...

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The Long Halloween issue #1 by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This first issue titeled "Crime" starts out with Bruce Wayne having a conversation with Carmine "The Roman" Falcone at his nephew, Johnny Vitti's wedding. Bruce tells Carmine that he would not allow his money to be laundered through his bank. After that conversation we see Harvey Dent(then District Attorney) sneeking around the parking garage at the wedding writing down the car's license plates. He gets caught in the act and gets beat down a...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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