A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1

    A-Babies vs. X-Babies » A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1 - Marvelous Meadows released by Marvel on December 1, 2012.

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    Who will live? Who will die? Who will get diaper rash? Find out as the X-Babies face the A-Babies in the tie-in to end all tie-ins! Which side will crawl away victorious?


    In the community of Marvelous Meadows and on the corner of Fury Drive and Xavier Way, Captain America's parents are putting him down for the night. Before nodding off, Cap wishes each of his bears a good night. Bucky Bear, however, is missing. He hears something outside and looks to find Cyclops holding Bucky Bear. Cyclops then dons his battle uniform. Cap follows suit and shouts into his baby monitor "Avengers Assemble!!!" and then springs into action. Iron Man, the Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor heed the call and baby Bruce Banner quickly tests the tension of his crib by turning into the Hulk. The Avengers meet Nick Fury outside, whose helicarrier is rising from the pool.

    Cyclops, wanting to assemble the X-Men, sees a need for his own battle cry. Not having anything better, he yells out that he hears the ice cream truck. Tons of X-Men kids flock to the street. A battle soon commences between tons of Avengers and tons of X-Men. In the fray, Captain America and Cyclops battle over possession of Bucky Bear. Cyclops drops the animal and Cap lunges for it only to see Iceman whiz by and grab it. His ice bridge is broken, however, by Iron Man, who is thwarted by Magneto, who is thwarted by Thor. The bear is caught by Thor's hammer and crashes into a building. Wolverine is first on the scene and tries to lift Thor's hammer off the doll. He is miffed that he can't lift it. Hulk shows up and Wolverine takes a swipe at him. Hulk gets mad and hurls Wolverine into space. Hulk then cuddles with Bucky Bear until Mjolnir comes loose and knocks the Hulk and Bucky Bear back outside. The bear bounces around from fight to fight until it ends up back in the arms of Cyclops. Wolverine comes crashing back down to earth and warns everyone of an incoming threat. Everyone looks up to see Jean Grey bathed in the Phoenix. Cyclops still refuses to give the bear back since Cap is supposed to take it back himself. Jean uses the Phoenix Force to make everything right again. Captain America's parents find him in the morning snuggling with this Bucky Bear. They also see that the street and surrounding houses are in shambles.


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    Yay, Babies!!!! 0

    This is just some clean, cutsie fun that captures Skottie Young's wonderful sense of humor and encapsulates his "Marvel Babies" concept very nicely into one solid issue, that skims over an event that, in its natural translation, became pretty bland pretty quickly.The plot is Cyclops stole Bucky Bear the teddy bear from Cap, which leads to an all out war of Marvel babies. Each scene looks awesome, combining pretty cool fights with cute ideas of what would happen in this scenario between the baby ...

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    Great Fun 0

    This comic is almost flawless. For starters, the art is great. I love the simplistic baby look for some of my favorite characters. Each character is instantly recognizable, some having some fantastic sight gags to go along with them. (Quicksilver looking legitimately scared at how fast he's running, Thor riding Beta Ray Bill, and, dare I say it, Northstar's literal flaming butt.) The best sight gag, however, comes in the form of the Phoenix making an appearance. I think many people in the Marvel...

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    Better than the entire run of AvX. 0

    I hate AvX, every single thing about it...well, maybe not every single thing. Skottie Young's Midtown Variant Cover feature the long forgotten Marvel Babies characters was nothing short of beautiful. I was lucky to be in New York the week it was released, and therefore get my hands on it. Despite how terrible the interior of that issue was, the cover is so good that the AvX #1 variant edition is one of my most prized comics. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was impressed, that single lowly r...

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