Harbinger #2

    Harbinger » Harbinger #2 - Omega Rising: Part 2 released by DMG/Valiant Entertainment on July 2012.

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    The hunt for Peter Stanchek intensifies after an epic battle with Pittsburgh S.W.A.T forces him to use his powers out in the open. Now he faces the most difficult decision of his life. Continue to put his friends in harm's way…or abandon them for the safety of Toyo Harada's Harbinger Foundation?

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverArturo Lozzi1
    VarVariant CoverDoug Braithwaite2
    2ndSecond Printing Black-and-White Variant CoverArturo Lozzi3

    Issue Recap

    Harbinger #2 opens up 10 years ago in Mumbai, India with Toyo Harada and introduces the third self-activated psiot as a baby, Darpan. His power is that he can conjure up your darkest memories and make you relive them fuller than they were in reality. When he attempts to use his power on Harada uncontrolled, Harada is able to fight through and overcome his power and see how wonderful he really is.

    Back in present-day, soldiers of Project Rising Spirit are closing in on Peter Stanchek, Joseph Irons, and Kris Hathaway. PRS tries to dampen Peters powers by strobing the area with phase electromagnetic pulses. This has little effect on Peter, but when the soldiers grab Kris, he just loses it and knocks everybody out. The soldiers open fire on Peter, but it does no good because he can redirect the bullets. Through violence and maybe fear, Peter violently attacks the soldiers. Peter is shown to be extremely powerful when he locates Mr. Tull and through telekinesis pulls the van he's in to his location with no struggle. Instead of killing him, he mind-wipes Mr. Tull all the way back to infancy.

    After the fight, Peter is unable to turn off his powers without the help of Harada, currently projecting himself as a dog. Harada then pulls Peter into his mind telepathically to help him get control. It's here that Harada explains who Mr. Tull is and who he works for. Harada is the only other person that Peter has met with psionic abilities at this point and he is extremely powerful. So, when Harada offers to take him in and train him, he accepts.

    Harada sends in his recruitment team made up of Rachel Hopson and Edward Sedgewick to pick up Peter, Joe, and Kris to escape the scene. Before Harada leaves, he mind wipes all the witnesses. Shortly after the van drives off, it stops and Peter has to separate from Joe and Kris to leave and begin his training. This includes releasing Kris from the mind control that Peter has on her. After doing so, she freaks out and violently wants to hurt Peter for what he has done. After the intense night, Joe, in disbelief that Peter is really leaving him, tells Peter that he is the most terrifying person he has ever known. Peter then drives off to join the Harbinger foundation.



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