Avengers #24.1

    Avengers » Avengers #24.1 - A Vision Of Things To Come! released by Marvel on May 1, 2012.

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    One of the greatest Avengers of all time, Vision, has been out of commission for years. Now that he's returned, he has to make good on promises he made. The exciting prelude to the Avengers event of the summer!


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    The Vision Returns!!! 0

    Right first I seriously love the Vision he is a great character and I was shocked when he died so I was pleased to see him return. This issue is basically about the Vision coming to grips to with being in the modern world and of course he goes looking for the Scarlett Witch and goes to Magneto to try and find he. He also goes to She-Hulk which was a good scene.The cover for this issue is probably the best one for this issue I mean it actually looks like it's coming out and the art is great. The ...

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    Another bad team book from Bendis 0

    AF Reviews: AvengersAfter the abysmal "seems it will never end" Dark Reign 2 storyline that engulfed both Avengers titles, we're going straight in with Avengers vs X-Men because all the Avengers are about now is the events...This issue is basically just explaining Vision's return and having not-so-subtle hints at the fact Avengers vs. X-Men is literally an issue away. The writing is the standard lazy fare for Bendis with every character unable to speak more than 4 syllable sentences. What's even...

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    Vision Returns 0

    I have to admit that when I saw Vision return in Avengers, I was excited to see the red-faced android. My favorite incarnation of Avengers had him as a member and so I got a bit nostalgic seeing him. That aside he has yet to be involved but this issue, which takes us back to the days leading up to his appearance, explains a few things and shows us a Vision of character. A Vision we can love. I recommend this issue highly as it fills some gaps and again, focused on the character, let's us see Vis...

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