Justice League International #7

    Justice League International » Justice League International #7 - Breakdown released by DC Comics on May 2012.

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    With the Signal Men defeated and Earth saved from certain annihilation, the members of Justice League International expected to bask in glory and appreciation. Such is not the case as a new threat, one far more dangerous than anyone dared suspect, emerges and attacks with dire results, forever altering the team and sending it in a bold, new and unexpected direction.


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    International Sanctions 0

    I got in on JLI a bit too late in the game, especially since I've seen some people just trashing the title without mercy, but I started to catch up a bit digitally and I have to say a lot of the hate is unjustified. It feels very much like a blend of bronze/modern age styles, updated to todays standards. In other words, it feels like a SUPERHERO book, and I guess most people don't want that from Marvel or DC... *COUGH* Anyways, this issue I really enjoyed, some minor complaints aside.First off t...

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    They're gone 0

    To be honest I have never been a big fan of Booster Gold.  The entire concept of a money and publicity oriented hero was interesting for a bit but became overplayed with the buddy association with Ted Kord.  There have been attemtps to try to rehabilitate the character before (such as in 52) and this version of the League is yet another.  Thus far I would say that the treatment the character is getting is worthwhile and is going some way to portray him more seriously, just unfortunately in this ...

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    Picking Up the Pieces 0

    Sigh. Look, it's better than the Green Lantern banner because I get the point of this one. It's not hyping a movie that didn't need extra hype, and its for a good cause. But it doesn't change the fact that the "We Can Be Heroes" banner is a huge detriment to the covers its on. It doesn't kill this cover too much, and this cover overall is pretty good compared to some of the other crap covers we've gotten from Finch here. Though it still doesn't mix well with Aaron Lopresti's art style. And the c...

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