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Selina Kyle's sister has been kidnapped by the man who was the Catwoman's first victim, and he's demanding Catwoman's life in exchange for her sister's.

As Stan waits for Selina he kicks a cat that was rubbing against his leg. He is then wrapped by a whip. He turns and sees Selina wearing her cat-dominatrix suit. She says she wore it for him. She kisses him. Stan asks if she wants to play and Selina slashes his face with her clawed glove. Stan charges at Selina in a furious rage but Selina tosses him into some trash cans and kicks him, telling him never to kick a cat again. She hears someone, turns around and sees a nun.

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Hours later Sisters Magdalene and Elizabeth then call Detective Flannery who asks if she is sure that Maggie saw her sister in the cat suit. He remains doubtful and asks why she would run away and Maggie says that has always been her way. Flannery then explains that she may have been wearing the cat suit as a result of Batman’s influence and calls her Cat-Woman Maggie then asks if they have Stan still but Flannery says they realized him Sister Maggie then says that she will look for him if she has to Flannery then says that he will arrest her if he sees her on the street.

Stan in a bathroom somewhere pours antiseptic on his scars and then plans to kill Selina.

On the East End Sister Maggie is asking around and then sees Holly being approached by a man the man leaves when Maggie asks Holly what she is doing on the street Maggie than pulls out a picture of Selina and asks if she has seen her.

In their apartment Holly is outside a door telling Selina that she saw a nun asking about her and then says she is doubtful about Selina spending so much money to make her new costume (resembling a traditional Catwoman costume) Selina ignores her and jumps out into the night line. (Part of this scene is shown in Batman Year One)

Sister Magdalene is then seen by Detective Flannery who tells her tells her that the streets on the East End are too dangerous for her she is unaware that she is being watched by Stan. Flannery returns to his car and explains to his partner Frank Strunk the difficulty and explains he knows Maggie is familiar Strunk says maybe he saw her sister and Flannery realizes that Maggie’s sister is Elizabeth.

Outside the church Maggie walks out with a bowl of cat food and sees Selina in her Catwoman costume Maggie says she has been looking for her and Selina says she knows then tells Maggie goodbye Selina asks if something has changed (the two do not know that Stan is waiting in the corner of the alley listening) Maggie tells Selina that their father has died Selina visibly upset then leaves up a fire escape. As she takes off Maggie yells at Selina that the world does not have some grudge against her and it’s not her fault that their mother left them and she needs to stop running. Stan then comes from behind scarring Maggie.

In Ted Grant’s gym Flannery asks information on Selina Kyle Ted Grant is reluctant to Flannery then asks if he knows where she lives.

In Selina and Holly’s apartment the two are looking at jewels Selina stole as Catwoman there is then a knocking on the door and Selina tells Holly to hide the jewels it was Detective Flannery and Sister Elizabeth they tell Selina that Maggie is missing but Selina plays it nonchalantly as the two leave in Flannery’s car they mention that Selina is obviously a stubborn young woman Flannery admits that he normally is a lazy cop but this case is bothering. As they leave Selina reflects how the whole situation is her fault, not paying attention to Holly who is hurt that Selina didn’t tell her about her sister.

Sister Elizabeth is then shown feeding Maggie’s cats then Ted Grant and Flannery seen Ted says that it was not their fault just because he sent Selina to train under Grant.

Selina is seen wearing a purple wig with Holly waiting on a street corner for apparently a john but then Selina tells Holly they are not a limousine pulls up and Selina enters leaving Holly by herself. Selina then talks to the man in side named Skeevers (a man seen in Batman Year One) she asks him if he knows where Stan is since they are friends.

Selina is then shown inside an apartment finding Maggie’s crucifix the phone rings Selina answers hearing Stan telling her not to screw his friends.

Selina is then back at her apartment Holly briefly wakes up but selina tells her to go back to sleep Selina then pulls out the gold crucifix and silently prays.

Maggie is then seen in a room strapped to a chair helpless praying while Stan berates her.



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