Green Lantern: New Guardians #4

    Green Lantern: New Guardians » Green Lantern: New Guardians #4 - Part Four released by DC Comics on February 2012.

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    The Green Lanterns' homeworld is under attack! Members of each of the Lantern Corps have laid siege to the powerful Guardians of the Universe to reclaim their stolen power rings, but only now has the Orange Lantern Larfleeze entered the fray...and he's not alone. The secret behind the stolen rings will be revealed and the status of Kyle Rayner within the Green Lantern Corps will be changed – forever!


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    The Good: Oh Larfleeze, don't ever leave me again. If I had to pick just one Geoff Johns creation to keep it would be this guy. Agent Orange, the greediest being in the history of the universe. Tony Bedard manages to write a perfectly balanced Larfleeze, one that's both intimidating and hilarious. And he refuses to get used. When someone was attempting to send all the rings to Kyle, Larfleeze hitched Glomulus aboard the ring train to the source, and then snatches all present to assist his fight ...

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    Know this place 0

    While how this is playing out is not at all how I expected based on the first issue, this is still an enjoyable series.  It could be better though as there is still a lot of confusion with the convoluted story line that is ongoing.  As always anything to do with the Guardians of the Universe is needlessly overdramatic, but while that is occurring Larfleeze shows up to tell the other assembled Corps members what has been transpiring.  This leads to a chance for escape but the situation is not mad...

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    United (or almost) against the Enemy 0

    Larfleeze and Sayd against the Guardian of Oa, the other Lanterns have to choose on which side fight, Kyle Rayner is again a Special being... all in this new issue!THE GOOD:All in this issue is spectacular, fascinating and interesting... First, the revelation of Ganthet about some new "ability" that Kyle could have acquired when wearing all the seven type of rings, then the battle between the "new" Ganthet and his old ally Sayd, finally all the seven Lanterns, included Larfleeze, forced to ally ...

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