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    In this sensational, giant-sized one-shot spinning out of BATMAN INCORPORATED, Batman realizes to his horror that he's been outwitted as the true identity of Leviathan continues to elude him. Is his deadly adversary an old foe with a grudge to settle, a new face of evil…or something completely different? Only one thing is certain: You won't soon forget the shocking ending!


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    Batman Incorporated #9 and #10 0

    Starting Note: Since this One-Shot is simply a compilation of what would've been Batman Incorporated #9 and #10 if Morrison had finished them before the relaunch as originally solicited; I'll be reviewing each 'part' as an individual issue, then giving the average as a final score for this 'one-shot' after some final notes on the issue itself.  Batman Incorporated #9: The School of Night  The Good: Cameron Stewart was easily my least favorite artist Morrison worked with on Batman and Robin. It w...

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    A Nice Addition to Morrison's Story 0

    Story: In part one, pre-Flashpoint Batgirl aka Stephanie Brown goes undercover in a odd school to investigate. In part two, Morrison ends this part of his Batman epic with one of his more confusing stories as of late.Seeing as how this book contains to rather separate stories, I will review them as such.Part One, the Review: I will come out and say right now I'm not a fan of Cameron Stewart's art, although I have no complaints once I remove my personal bias. He did a good job drawing some younge...

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    DC Really Shouldn't Even Have Bothered 0

    Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes awkwardly wraps up Grant Morrison's latest chapter of his Batman saga, coming months too late only to hurry its way to a rather underwhelming reveal.It's issues like this one that leave me thinking sometimes stories would be better off going unfinished when circumstances work against them. Why? Because sometimes it feels even worse for a writer to try to end their story like they had planned despite no longer having the space do pull it off well. I would r...

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