FF #10

    FF » FF #10 - What I Need released by Marvel on December 1, 2011.

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    Ben Grimm returns to the pages of the FF as Ronan the Accuser and the armies of the Kree Empire invade the Earth!

    On a Kree starship… Ronan is informed by the heads of the upper Kree houses that with the Inhuman Royal Family gone, leadership of the Empire is his if he desires it. Ronan does and tells Crystal privately she is free to return to her family as she knows what he is about to do. Crystal tells her husband she will stay with him and we see a fleet of Kree ships waiting. At the Baxter Building, Reed explains to Sue the events of the recent battle and admits that he’s been acting foolishly of late and promises to do better. Sue also makes Reed promise not to bring any more bad guys in their home.

    Latveria… Doctor Doom is the captive of one of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds who has decided to use Doomstadt as a base. There they find Nathaniel Richards waiting for them and the three discuss “The Beast” -- the most aggressive of the Nathaniels and the father of this Reed Richards. Nathaniel explains that he stepped through the door of the Inhuman Eldrak, which takes people where they need to go. This Reed thinks Nathaniel is here to help Doom but Nathaniel tells him he’s here to help Reed.

    Avengers Mansion… Ben Grimm completes a phone conversation with Sue while Jarvis brings in a meal. Spider-Man wonders why he didn’t think he needed to be on vacation before he stepped through the door of Eldrak so he wouldn’t have ended up here and be eating a “Jarvis Burger”. Spidey tells Ben if this is where he needs to be then there is only one message he needs to give him – to go help his family.

    Outside Attilan… The Kree secretly land a ship near the city and out step Kree soldiers accompanied by Ronan and Crystal. Meanwhile in the hangar of the Baxter Building, Reed and Sue observe a jet land from which out steps Spider-Man, followed by The Thing, followed by The Avengers!


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    "Being Pulled Apart When We Need Each Other Most" 0

    From the first page of his run as head writer on Fantastic Four/FF Hickman understood that the central conceit of the team/book was that they were a family. It is the core concept that keeps them all together; the one difference between Reed Richards that prevents them from reaching their fullest potential as agents of tremendous good, but also tremendous cruelty. There is no room for empathy or compassion in a family-less Reed Richards. Only cold, hard math.This breather issue is meant to reinf...

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    A Breather 0

    I've started to understand Hickman's rhythms. He throws a lot at you and then you and the characters get an issue to reflect on all that to greater understand it. This is one of the reflection issues. There's no action, just a regrouping after the huge fight.If there's one continued criticism I have of Hickman it's that there was no reason to break this off into FF when it depends HEAVILY on his run on Fantastic Four. There are tons of things you cannot and will not understand if you havne't rea...

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    Need 0

    Recommended!We all knew that the introduction of Eldrac in the last issue meant that our gang of heroes would be sent exactly where the needed to be. This plot device was used in a very clever way - as a reader, I was intrigued as to where each of them would be sent; as a creative team, they got to decide what was most important for the series: Family or War. In my opinion, they made the correct decision - family puts the foundation in FF.This issue was really a "rally the troops, this is going ...

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