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The United Nations' new international team of heroes must learn to work together – and fast – if they're going to discover the mystery behind the giant alien Signalmen who are appearing all over the globe. Can Booster Gold lead his team to victory, or will they fall?


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No Guy, stay away. 0

Review for Justice League International #2.  The Story: The team gets their butts handed to them by big robots and go back to D.C.  The Good: Well Dan is subtely giving connexion between Ice and Guy wich I like and I like the idea of Gavril and  Fang being rivals. The action was big and fun. The art by Lopresti is still big and colorful.  The Bad: I don't see what Batman and August see in Booster for being a leader, yeah he's smart to run away from a battle they can't win but as fake Max Lord sa...

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I think she needs a doctor 0

This series suffered from a case of poor definition in the first issue.  The team was sort of hastily thrown together seemingly both in the story and in real life, without much of a concept of what to do with it.  This leaves both the writer in the real world and the team leader in the story (Booster) with the same problem of trying to navigate through the mess to some form of success.  It is of course not the characters fault that they get this treatment, but more so the creative team.  That ha...

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So Freaking Bland 0

Having been one of the most disappointing of the New 52 relaunches, Justice League International makes some small gestures toward improvement in its second issue but ultimately remains the same lackluster title that is both weak on character and on story.It seems to me there are two ways you could go with rebooting Justice League International as a distinct and interesting title. One way is to focus on character and comedy, which made the original JLI such a memorable entity. The other way is to...

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