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When deadly conflicts emerge across the universe, it's up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and an elite Green Lantern strike force to keep the peace – or else.

Guy Gardner and John Stewart try to get day jobs on Earth and it just doesn't go well. Later, the two talk about why they chose not to wear masks like Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner do. They then go to Oa to find that someone is killing Lanterns and they volunteer to check it out bringing a group of ring slingers with them.

The enemy they face is unseen but has the ability to cut people, including Lanterns, in half without being seen. He/She also wiped out a whole planet by removing the water on a water based planet. When the Lanterns get to the planet they find two more Lanterns murdered and impaled on stakes.


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"Where there is a Force of Will--There is a Force of Destiny" 0

From the 52, this is the none "accessible" jump in point for new readers.  This book already depends on another book, which was Green Lantern #1 released a week before.  What is nice for those who are using this as a jump in point, it show cases three core lanterns in Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Salaak.  My major problem was with the cover not even featuring most of who is on the cover, so it is a nice way of saying this cover is for the trade.  The same problem occurred with JLA #1, with Wond...

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The Cool Corps 0

The New 52 is here and Green Lantern Corps is back. Guy, John and several other lanterns are taking on the missions that Kyle and Hal (Sinestro), don't feel are worth their time. Is this series worth your time? HECK YES!  THE GOOD: I really liked that art, but I was expect greatness already knowing it was Fernando Pasarin. The story is really good. I liked it not because of the space police stuff but because we get to see these characters doing what they do normally. I definitely could get use t...

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More Acessible Than Green Lantern #1 0

The Good: We start off with a nice cover that emphasizes the title of the series and highlights most of the more notable members of the corps. Fernando Pasarin's art isn't quite as static as is was on Emerald Warriors. Not that it was bad there, but its a bit smoother and more dynamic here. The beginning starts off REALLY mysterious with some gripping pacing and an interesting perspective. Getting into the daily lives of Guy Gardner and John Stewart was a GREAT way to start us off and get us int...

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