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David Finch's brilliant take on Batman continues to explore the darker corners of Gotham City in the penultimate chapter of "Golden Dawn," now featuring art by Jay Fabok (Soulfire)!

As The Dark Knight suffers one of his worst defeats, Jason Blood makes an unexpected move. With a surprise funeral and guest appearances by Etrigan, the Demon and Ragman, this series continues to heat up!

Batman and Dawn are attacked by an army of demons in Dawn's apartment. The demons overwhelm Batman and knock him unconscious. With Batman defeated, the demons kidnap Dawn and leave. When Batman regains consciousness, he realizes the demons have taken Dawn. Suddenly, Etrigan and Lady Blaze appear before him. Etrigan attacks Batman, accusing him of interfering with Blaze's plans.

In the sewers, Aleister Golden, using Ragman as a temporary host, ties Dawn to a table and begins the ritual that will grant him eternal life.

Meanwhile, Batman continues to fight Etrigan, who tells him that he swore allegiance to Blaze because she promised to return him his rhyme. However, Batman makes him realize that Blaze did not keep her word, causing Etrigan to attack her. This forces Blaze to restore Etrigan's rhyme and old powers.

In the sewers, Aleister leaves Ragman's body to complete the ritual, but Batman and Etrigan appear and attack them. However, Aleister stabs Dawn with a knife, killing her and completing the ritual. With his new powers, Aleister summons a monster with a thousand tentacles. Etrigan destroys Aleister with a new power he obtained from Blaze. Batman grieves over Dawn's death, and Etrigan dissapears, but not before telling Batman that he must let Dawn go.

In the epilogue, Mira goes to a ship in Gotham's harbor and meets with the gang of criminals she was working for. The criminals forced her to work for them because they had kidnapped her father. They would let Mira's father go if she delivered the Batmobile's specifications to them. Although she admits that she does not have what they wanted, she has something better: a jamming device Wayne Industries developed for Batman. The gang leader accepts the device and tells Mira that his father will be shown mercy. As she leaves the ship, she meets with Batman, telling him that she did as he told her to.



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Solid art can't cover the loose ends & odd ending... 0

David Finch's "The Dark Knight" certainly didn't go as I hoped or he planned. Finch's story started off strong and with tons of potential. Even when issues did start coming out again they were well written and looked great. But the atrocious delays killed the momentum of the story. So to get prepared for the final issue, I went back and re-read up to this point.  Finch was obviously up against a hard deadline with the approaching DC's New 52 relaunch. And while I really enjoyed the first four i...

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Letting Go 0

After a really long wait, Golden Dawn comes to its conclusion. Batman is forced into an uneasy alliance with Etrigan to save Dawn. Things take a turn for the worse when Dawn is kidnapped by her father, Aleister, who wants to use her in a ritual to obtain eternal life. After a rather short battle with Lady Blaze, the unlikely pair manages to defeat Aleister, but Dawn dies.   This is an emotional and bittersweet ending for the story arc. Although Batman manages to defeat Aleister, he fails to save...

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