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    Recent events color the Green Arrow's nightmare. A nurse updates the Green Arrow, regarding Dinah Laurel Lance's medical condition. A Seattle Police Lieutenant, James Cameron, questions the Green Arrow, fully aware that the Green Arrow is withholding information. The Green Arrow, as Oliver Queen, visits Fryley's Tattoos, to garner information about Shado's dragon tattoo. Queen learns that Shado is likely connected to the Yakuza.

    A Central Intelligence Agent, Osborne, questions his continued association with Magnor, due to several murders, and mistakes, threatening their joint operation. For peace of mind, Osborne assigns his own man, Edward Fyres, to provide their security. Shado's history is threaded throughout the above narrative. The Yakuza had given Shado's father, Tomonaga, two million dollars in gold bullion, and tasked him with setting up their base of operations in the United States.

    Before he could do so, Tomonaga was placed in a relocation camp, due to American fears towards the Japanese, during World War II. In the camp, Magnor learned that Tomonaga was in possession of the Yakuza gold. After World War II, Magnor, and several of his army buddies, murdered Shado's mother, and stole the gold. Tomonaga returned to Japan, to commit ritual suicide, to atone for his dishonor. The Yakuza raised Shado as an assassin, training her in archery.

    Magnor's connections to the Central Intelligence Agency allowed him to erase his, and his men's, military records, making it more difficult for the Yakuza to locate them. As the Robin Hood Killer, Shado has been tracking, and murdering, Magnor's men, across the United States, to avenge her father's shame. Shado, disguised as a homeless woman, provides Queen with information regarding a large shipment of cocaine, due to arrive in Seattle.

    Queen, as the Green Arrow, journeys to Mount Rainier, to intercept the shipment. Shado confronts the Green Arrow. Shado demands that the Green Arrow leave Magnor to her. The Green Arrow's standoff with Shado is interrupted by the arrival of a helicopter. Magnor, and Osborne, await the shipment of cocaine. Shado takes aim on Magnor. The Green Arrow seemingly spoils Shado's shot. In reality, the Green Arrow targeted Fyes, who had Shado in his crosshairs. Magnor escapes, leaving Osborne behind.

    The Green Arrow, and Shado, takes out the drug traffickers. Osborne disposes of the cocaine shipment, and thus, the evidence. As a Central Intelligence Agent, Osborne points out that he is untouchable, as far as the Green Arrow is concerned. Osborne hands over the freshly laundered drug money to the Green Arrow, then departs. Magnor is confronted by the Green Arrow. Magnor confesses his criminal activities, going back to the theft of the Yakuza gold.

    Magnor also believes that the Green Arrow cannot bring him to justice. The Green Arrow bluffs Magnor. When Magnor tries to murder the Green Arrow, Magnor is killed by Shado. The Green Arrow, as Oliver Queen, returns to Lance's bedside. Lance awakens, and shares an intimate conversation with Queen.



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    Great Ending To A Great Mini 0

    The Green Arrow discovers that the heroin dealers are going to have a shipment arrive in the mountains. He decides to go put a stop to them and while there runs into the female archer Who we now know is named Shado.  We learn more about her beginnings, and together she and The Green Arrow take on the drug dealers.  This was a good and solid ending to a great series. That being said, the ending was a bit of a drop off from the last few issues. I dont know why either. I guess maybe the first two i...

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