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    The Seattle Slasher murders his 18th victim. Oliver Queen, and Dinah Laurel Lance, settle into their new home, in Seattle. Lance makes Queen aware of a second serial murderer, dubbed "The Robin Hood Killer". A junkie, overdosing on cocaine, crashes through their window. After getting the girl medical aid, Lance decides to launch an investigation into the Seattle drug trade. Queen offers to assist, but Lance wants to solo on the investigation. While Lance has been dealing with the junkie, Queen has finished unpacking, and decorating their new home. Feeling nostalgic, Queen reminisces about his past.

    As a boy, Queen idolized Howard Hill, an archer who worked on the film, Robin Hood. As an adult, Queen, by chance, met Hill, on a yacht trip, and spent an afternoon talking about archery with his idol. During the cruise, Queen drunkenly fell overboard, washing up on the shore of a remote island. Queen forced himself to learn archery to survive. After honing his survival skills, for years on the island, Queen encountered two men, who had arrived to check on their marijuana crop. Queen brought them to justice, and finally escaped the island. While under the influence of their drugs, the dealers referred to Queen as "The Green Arrow".

    Queen adopted the name, becoming a masked vigilante, upon his return to Star City. Queen relished the roll of the Green Arrow, though it ultimately cost him his fortune, and very nearly his ward, Roy Harper, who had developed an addiction to heroin. Coming out of his reverie, Queen realizes that Lance has abandoned him. Lance appears in her Black Canary costume, and entices Queen to bed. A police officer, undercover as a prostitute, is murdered by the Seattle Slasher.In the aftermath of their coupling, Queen asks Lance to marry him. Lance turns down his proposal. Queen emphasizes his desire to start a family with Lance.

    Due to the high level of risk involved in their lives as the Green Arrow, and the Black Canary, Lance refuses to bear children, for fear of them being orphaned. The Robin Hood Killer murders a grave digger. Lance presents Queen with a new Green Arrow costume, patterned after his favorite painting of Robin Hood. Queen, as the Green Arrow, saves an elderly couple from a trio of muggers. The Green Arrow interrogates one of the thugs, looking for information regarding the Seattle Slasher. The Green Arrow is put on the trail of the "Tunnel Rat". Sinister figures discuss a potential problem to their operation. The Green Arrow discovers the underground lair of the "tunnel rat", Budry.

    From newspaper clippings the Green Arrow discerns that Budry learned to kill In Viet Nam, and also learned to love it. Budry is clearly the Seattle Slasher. Budry sucker punches the Green Arrow, then leaves him to burn in his lair. To cover up a murder, Budry's fellow tunnel rats turned a blind eye to his increasingly psychotic behavior It was hoped that Budry would die in the war, but he did not. Budry closes on another victim, with the Green Arrow in hot pursuit. The Robin Hood Killer, revealed to be Shado, murders the Seattle Slasher, before murdering another man, clearly tied to some form of criminal activity. Tragically, the prostitute saved from the Seattle Slasher by Shado, is murdered by her pimp. A death that is attributed to the Seattle Slasher. The Green Arrow is left to ponder the identity, and motivations, of Shado..


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     Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance have moved to Seattle to settle down and open a flower shop called Sherwood Florist. As they set up shop they talk about bout taking the next step in their relationship, and maybe even having a child.   Dinah does not want to because their lifestyle as costumed adventurers put them in harms way, and they can not even garuntee that they will be alive from one day to the next.   To prove the point they find out that someone has been killing local street walkers, and d...

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