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The battle between Leonardo Da Vinci and Issac Newton for the Immortal City comes to a climactic conclusion! Leonid makes his choice between his two fathers, Michelangelo and Tesla kick their plan into high gear and Howard Stark lays the foundation for the organization you know as S.H.I.E.L.D.

1503: Florence. Leonardo Da Vinci straps himself into a machine while the finishing touches are placed on the first ever Life Model Decoy in his likeness (and that will later show up in Secret Warriors). His intent is that the LMD will live out his life as if it were him, while he leaves for the future.

1960: The Immortal City. Leonid is shocked to see his father, Nikola Tesla, again. Stark and Richards are just as surprised by the devastation of the battle going on in the city. Spotting an opening, Newton leaps to stab Leonardo but Stark stops him by dismantling his weapon mid-flight. Newton is furious that those who follow Da Vinci have abandoned what Shield believe in. Michelangelo appears and tells everyone that the supply of the Infinity Formula is dwindling and Newton’s promise of eternal life for his followers is a lie. Newton is still insistent that the end of the world is unavoidable, but Tesla says that he, Stark and Richards have seen the future, so it isn’t true. The Shield council is called to judge Da Vinci and Newton. Tesla and Stark charge up a machine that projects the thoughts of the two accused men. Da Vinci is revealed to be full of self doubt and mistrust. Newton reveals that he killed Galileo and many others in his quest to ‘end man.’ Leonid sides with Da Vinci, but before anything can happen, Newton puts on Da Vinci’s teleportation/winged suit and disappears into the future. Michelangelo already knew this would happen and says they must travel after him ‘to the very end.’

Later, Stark builds a machine to leave a message behind, thinking he won’t come back.

In the Immortal City, Nostradamus frantically searches for some more Infinity Formula. As he does so, the Celestial discovers Newton’s math equations. The knowledge drives it crazy and it expands to a huge size, busting out of the building and into the city.



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Beautiful Setpieces 0

Hickman's bimonthly historical fiction treat is back again and it's just as beautiful and confusing as ever.I think that top honors should go to the art by Dustin Weaver in this book. Two scenes in particular really caught my eye: The trial scene where DaVinci and Newton's thoughts and motivations were made clear and the gorgeous page where the elixir of life is drained to nothing. Both scenes had a fantastic sense of scale that was just awesome to look at. I also really love the processing done...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Walker of The Middle Path 0

Tesla, Stark, and Richards arrive amidst the chaos of the civil war of the brotherhood. It comes down to Leonid, with the aid of the others, to end the bloodshed.   The Good  Can't believe I haven't mentioned this til now but, Gerald Parel has been consistently turning in amazing work on theses covers from day one.  Dustin Weaver's art is easily one of the best things about this series and he's quite as kept one of the industry's most talented up and coming artists.    The stuff with Da Vinci at...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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