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FLASH QUESTION: Will his loss destroy the world?

The war between the Atlanteans and Amazons is almost here as Aquaman invades New Themyscira. With Mera dead, Aquaman has his heart set on revenge. He sends Mera’s sister, Siren, and his brother, Prince Orm, into the Palace of Furies and onto the frontlines of battle. Will the two of them manage to avenge Mera’s death and get out alive or will Arthur have to step up and fight for himself?



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Retold and reload 0

Again another strong issue and still stronger than its counterpart, the Flashpoint tie-in for Wonder Woman and the Furies.  This one switches between a retelling of Arthur's origin while detailing his plans for an invasion of Britain (or New Themyscira).  Both aspects of the story were well told, but I felt that at times the issue suffered in its pacing by telling the story as it did, with a little bit and a little bit there.  Still I think in terms of changes which Flashpoint has given to the D...

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Surprisingly better than the first issue... 0

In the background of the main Flashpoint story is a vicious war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. This war has impacted more of the Flashpoint tie-ins that the main book and at times has been more intriguing. "Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman" #2 continues the story but from Aquaman's slanted perspective.  Writer Tony Bedard not only moves the story along to the inevitable climax but also dives into Arthur Curry's backstory (no pun intended).  Bedard's Aquaman is a violent, angry Aquaman driven by r...

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Worst Assassination Attempt Ever 0

Tony Bedard continues to write one of the better Flashpoint tie-ins as he dives into Aquaman's origin story in this alternate universe while Aquaman clashes with Wonder Woman and her Furies in the present.  Admittedly, I am not clear on what Aquaman's current origin is actually supposed to be, so I could easily be mistaken about what is different here. That said, the key difference seems to be that Arthur was taken to Atlantis at an earlier age, leading to him being a different person because he...

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