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FLASH FACT! They experimented on him in a lab for years! 
Neil Sinclair was just the average soldier until he volunteered to become the military’s first line of defense against alien and monster threats as part of Project Superman. Alien DNA was grafted onto his own, transforming Neil into “Subject Zero”, giving him an entire arsenal of powers. But as his abilities continued to expand and his strength grew, Neil began to lose control. Too powerful to be controlled, he was locked away, until one fateful day in Metropolis during a meteor shower…


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Being super kind of sucks 0

Neil Sinclair. Soldier, spiritual man... Superman? After volunteering for something that might be called Project Superman, which is never named that, Sinclair gains superpowers and decides to do good for the glorious United States.  The Good: The character design: I really like Sinclair's look. The costume is also rather nice, even though he's not really wearing a costume. And his hair is really nice to look at for absolutely no good reason. I just like Sinclair's look. The characterization: The...

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Flashpoint: Captain Amer--I mean Superman. 0

This issue was better than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a mix between a "Capt America/soldier gets powers from govt" story and a "Superman gone crazy with power" story, and it kind of was, but it's fun and not as cliche as I thought it would be. If the Sinclair's, the protagonist, origin were to become Superman's origin  I would totally support it.  In the issue, after being given his powers he the govt, General Lane in particular, stops trusting Sinclair and paying attent...

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Doesn't feel as important as it should. 0

Finally we get a Superman book that ties into this crazy world of Flashpoint. So far all we have seen of Superman is a brief Superman symbol found in the Flashpoint Frankenstein book. Unfortunately we don't get much more in this issue.  Scott Snyder helped with the early plotting but Lowell Francis carries the bulk of the writing workload. The story takes place 30 years ago and follows Lt. Neil Sinclair, a soldier who volunteers to take part in a type off super-soldier experiment. Heard this be...

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