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The fate of the world lies in the hands of the Asgardians, for Galactus is coming…and he hungers! Thor and the Silver Surfer must determine what to do with the Galactus Seed, the artifact with the potential to end the entire universe. And what deal is being struck between Odin and Galactus himself, behind closed doors?



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With art like this they can send Thor to the moon! Oh wait... 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!s    ...

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Ignore the past 0

My first issue ‘review’ … many will think it just QQ’ing but that is your prerogative. Not sure if I need to detail that yes, I bring up a few plot issues, so they would be considered spoilers if you have not read the issue. If you have not read the issue, you should consider yourself lucky. I do. I honestly do not understand Fraction at all.  He has not concept of that comics existed before he graced them with his destructive presence. There is so much wrong it is hard to addres...

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What is happening to this story? 0

With the creative team of Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, I was expecting this series to dazzle. But after a strong first issue I've yet to be wowed by this book.Thor plus Galactus should automatically equal success but I'm starting to wonder.  I felt Fraction's story hit a speed bump in issue #2. It had it's moments but was overall underwhelming. This issue does pick up the pace a bit but feels all over the place and almost disjointed at times. From Volstagg's "war" with a harshly stereotyped...

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