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It's Super Hero Prom and the Sinister Six in two big issues of the comic iFanboy named the "Best New Book of 2010"! First the Academy hosts a dance like none you've ever seen, guest starring the Young Allies, former members of the Initiative...and featuring smack downs and smooch downs! Then the trainees get a crash course in big-time villainy as they take on Spider-Man's greatest foes, the Sinister Six, in a story that will have major ramifications when Fear Itself hits next month.   

But in what's actually involved in THIS issue and not just a blurb that's really a blurb for the following few issues, the Avengers Academy members, as well as some other young heroes from their relative age group from The Initiative and the Young Allies, are given a prom-style dance by the Avengers Academy staff to let them all cool off after their traumatic battle with Korvac.

Giant-Man and Tigra attend as chaperones, but also on an unofficial date.  After a personal discussion about the child they share (genetically speaking), and their long gestating feelings towards one another, the two sneak off to Tigra's quarters midway through the evening.

Early on in the evening, Komodo from the Initiative comes onto t;he similarly-powered Reptyl (still in his 30-year-old future body)  pretty hard before Reptyl reveals to her he's really only 16; making her realize her conduct was entirely inappropriate.  This causes Komodo's ex-boyfriend Hardball to confront Reptyl at multiple points throughout the evening.  Later, in the background, Komodo and Hardball can be seen fighting and making up.

Another quarrel among exes occurs when Ultra Girl accidentally reveals to Firestar that she and Justice have been sleeping together.  Firestar goes straight for Justice, as while they were engaged he was all about "waiting until they were married", so clearly she's feeling jilted.  Justice and Firestar manage to make peace.

Hazmat and Mettle, each the only person around that the other can seemingly get close to without killing them, continue to be pushed on each other by the rest of the group, but after the two get a nice heart to heart moment on their own, they find on their own terms that it might be worth giving things a try.

Throughout the night, Striker has been striking out with nearly all of the female guests at the dance.  Eventually, teammate Veil comes over to be the first to ask HIM to dance, and the two seem to pick things up romantically where they'd left off some issues before.

After his uncomfortable encounter with Komodo, Reptyl gets to dancing and flirting with Spider-Girl, during which she tells him she understands his motivations for staying in his older body with its greater control of his abilities, but also that she liked him and misses how he was before.  This prompts him to somehow will himself into reverting to his teenage body.  This draws Hardball over again, under the impression that since Reptyl could apparently revert back any time he wished, he was clearly leading Komodo on deliberately earlier.

A scuffle ensues, summoning Tigra and Giant-Man back from Tigra's quarters (the summons coming from Jocasta, Hank's ex, who knew to find Hank in Tigra's room, and the whole thing making her very uncomfortable).  By the time they arrive back to the dance, however, Speedball has the situation well under control, using his powers to effectively turn the whole dance hall into one big "bouncy castle", and all the kids are having a great time.



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A much needed breather issue. 0

After the emotionally taxing Korvac situation, it's time for a breather for the students and, by extension, the reader. It's time for a dance! This works really well, even if it's not terribly action-packed. We get to see some of the characters actually develop, especially Pym, Mettle, and Hazmat. The cameos by the former New Warriors, Initiative recruits and the Young Allies are great, especially Komodo and Firestar. Reptil's story gets progressed, as well, but in a really vague way. Striker, a...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

Grew on me 0

Every now and then in comics such an issue as this comes along, where there is something which happens to characters which seems a lot more like real life and real issues as opposed to having to deal with super powered villains.  It often revolves around some defining moment of a character, such as a 16th birthday, but here (and just in time to overlap with real life proms) the Avengers Academy has their own.  I set out trying to avoid thinking about cliches of this particular brand of storytell...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

It´s Party Time 0

Gage delivers an issue filled with excellent dialogues, amazing interactions and terrific aproach to the characters, putting them into the most variety situations possible there´s in a party: from dating to fights, this issue is a great display of how good a comic book can be if the writer truly knows how to describe the characters, how to make each one be unique, how to create from individualism the great things that makes a team work properly and I guess this is the path that Gage is trying to...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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