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    "Peter Parker: The Fantastic Spider-Man"

    Peter goes to Baxter building and gets his FF-suit.

    The FF go around the world, saving lifes. Soon, Reed notices that some strange energy in a distant corner of the world is threatening to destroy it. Peter, Reed, Sue and Ben decide to pay a visit to this location.

    Carlie calls Peter and asks him where he is. Peter tells a white lie, that he`s on a Horizon labs job gig.

    Carlie finds out that it`s not true. She`s pissed.

    Trivia: On the last page of the story, a secretary from the Horizon Company is seen, who is named Flo, her appearance and name are the same as Flo Steinberg, long time Marvel secretary and "Girl-Friday" to Stan Lee in the 1960's.


    "Marvel Team-Up Featuring: The Amazing Spider-Man and Ghost Rider - Can't Get the Service"


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    VidReview #5 - The Amazing Spider-Man #658 0

    Fifth edition. I've fixed the problem previous videos had with lighting, which is to say I actually have lighting now. Though I do kind of miss the Two-Face thing I had going on with the shadow in the old videos. Oh well. ...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Spider-man: Webslinger, Avenger, and now a FF 0

    Synopsis: Spider-man adventures with the Future Foundation! What's Good? The first few pages with Carlie and Peter finally spending the night together was a bit of a surprise. I mean with Peter having a job, being Spider-man, being part of the Avengers (TWO TEAMS I might add), and now part of the FF, it's amazing that he actually have time for her. It does kind of work out since Carlie does have a job for the police, yet she can't put the pieces together with Peter and Spider-man yet. That may ...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Fantastic Spider-Man 0

    Cover:   This is one of my favorites cover of all time.  Even though it seems simple, the way Spidey is drawn here in just downright awesome.  No complaints from me, Mr. Djurdjevic's art continues to amaze me.The Good: The way that Slott writes the current status of the Cooper-Parker relationship is great; it has a lot of potential and it makes you wonder what will happen next in their relationship.  It's also extremely cool to see two geniuses (Reed and Parker) working together to do stuff.  ...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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