Firestar #1

    Firestar » Firestar #1 - Mark of the Mutant! released by Marvel on March 1986.

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    The origin of Marvel's most fiery mutant! Angelica Jones is just a normal girl - until she starts developing strange powers! Now, with the X-Men, the New Mutants, and the White Queen all after her, what's this new mutant to do?

    Angelica Jones' grandmother leads her to believe she is special, due to the lines in her palm forming a letter "M". After Jones departs, for her first day at a new school, her father, Bartholomew, chastises his mother for putting such notions in Jones' head. Their conversation comes to an abrupt halt when "Nana" suffers a minor attack. Jones is excited about her first day of school, little suspecting that a trio of her fellow students, Eve, Cassie, and Martha, are already disparaging against her.

    Their snide comments are interrupted by the arrival of Chuckie Belson, Cassie's would-be boyfriend. Belson offers aid to Jones, sparking Cassie's jealousy-fueled hatred. At Professor Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, Katherine Pride searches for a tool, to aid Xavier, and Nightcrawler, in repairing Cerebro. At the Massachusetts Academy, Emma Frost, as the White Queen, checks on her own mutant hunting operation. The White Queen punishes a technician for being caught away from his post.

    Jones's attempt to befriend the three girls, who clearly disdain her, fails. Jones' social anxiety triggers the first manifestation of her mutant power, causing a minor incident in the cafeteria. The Hellfire Club pick up Jones' manifestation, but it is too brief for the White Queen to pinpoint Jones' location. Belson encourages Jones to enter an ice sculpting competition. Belson shows open support for Jones' sculpture, while ignoring Cassie's. Jones is ecstatically happy in regards to her sculpture's chance at winning.

    Shortly after Jones departs for school, her grandmother has a heart attack, and dies. Jones arrives at school to find that Cassie has destroyed Jones' sculpture. Cassie also points out that everyone has the same "M" in their palm. There is nothing special about Jones. In despair, frustration, and anger, Jones' mutant power manifests anew, destroying all the ice sculptures. Terrified, Jones tries to call home, only to see the receiver melt in her hand.

    Using Cerebro, Xavier becomes aware of Jones. The White Queen, however, has already found her. Jones returns home to find that her grandmother has died. After the funeral, Bartholomew witnesses the manifestation of his daughter's mutant power. The White Queen, as Frost, meets with Bartholomew, before being introduced to Jones. Frost offers to help Jones learn to control her newfound mutant powers. Xavier, with Nightcrawler, arrive at Jones' home, but concede that they are too late. Frost already has Jones.



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