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"Self-Inflicted Wounds"

One of the most pivotal moments of the Spider-Man "BIG TIME" era happens here. Other comics promise you their issues will "Change Everything" or that "Nothing Will Ever Be The Same." No carnival barker-like pitch this time. Just the plain, simple truth: This issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will have repercussions for Peter Parker and this title's cast for years and years to come. Guest-starring THE NEW AVENGERS. Also in this issue: We finally reveal what has become of the alien symbiote. And a dramatic change to Spider-Man's powers. Do NOT miss this issue!


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Amazing Spider-Man 654 0

       THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT! THIS ISSUE MATTERS! EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FROM HERE ON OUT!!! Or at least, that's what Marvel says. With a build up like that, it's actually quite easy for a comic book to fall flat on it's face and disappoint readers. Hopefully the guiding hands of Dan Slott can maneuver Spidey through this hype and keep the comic surprisingly fun. With Stefano Caselli on board, chances are pretty good, so let's dive into issue 654 of the Amazing Spider-Man to find out!         ...

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Where Is Your Spider-Sense Now?! 0

THE BASICSPeter builds a device meant to interfere with the "Spider-Sense" of Smythe's insect army, but learns that it could affect him and his own sense just as much.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFEver see a plate spinner? Those guys who spin multiple plates while they're balanced on top of long sticks? That's kind of what I imagine Dan Slott's plotting would look like if you translated his work into something other than storytelling. He does a great job of managing multiple scenes and scenarios wit...

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Big Time changes are in store 0

Synopsis: Conclusion of Revenge of the Spider-Slayer. Also meet the new host for Venom! What's Good? After the end of the last issue, I thought Max would figure out Pete's secret, but in classic fashion, he's closer to the truth than he realizes. Dan Slott continues to make this story a fast-paced one even with the New Avengers in it. Like how Peter called the New Avengers for backup, I like how Peter is using the other options that are given to him like his new job to create a device to counte...

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