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The SPIDER-SLAYER’S assault escalates as his INSECT ARMY descends on Manhattan! No one in Spidey’s life is safe—from the offices of the Daily Bugle to the Mayor’s staff at City Hall! It’s way more than our wall-crawler can handle. Good thing he’s also a member of the NEW AVENGERS! Guest-starring LUKE CAGE, JESSICA JONES, MS. MARVEL, MOCKINGBIRD, IRON FIST… and a few surprises.


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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #653 0

When Spidey's struggle with the Scorpion and the Slayers gets too tough, he deals his Avengers trump card and calls in the cavalry.  The Good Page for page, this packs ton of a value in for your buck. The storytelling's dense in the best way, being quickly paced and concise rather than over-cooked and thick. You get a thrilling fight with the Scorpion, a frantic campaign against the Slayers and then there's even still room for some charming development of the Daily Bugle's soap opera. That's a ...

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Amazing Spider-Man 653 0

       When we last left our hero, he was stuck on the side of a rocket fighting a giant man in a scorpion suit! Only in Spider-Man could this be the lead in to a serious issue that deals with a mans family and friends being hunted down. Brought to us by the creative team of Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli, you know that at the very least, this will be good, if not great, like the two have to potential to bring us. So enough small talk! Let's jump into Amazing Spider-Man 653, Revenge of the Spider...

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Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends! 0

Spidey's always had a posse.  Whether he was part of a team, doing Marvel Team-Up, or was just on one of his amazingly "normal excursions, the wall-crawler is rarely away from some form of super-being.  That's lucky for him, because as Spider-Man finds himself in some deep doo-doo with Alistair Smythe and his Spider-Slaying cohorts, his buddies at the Avengers have his back. It's EXTERMINATIN' Time! Alistair Smythe has been a busy boy, and issue #653 starts with Spider-Man in a pickle as spider-...

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