All-Star Squadron #50

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #50 - Crisis Point released by DC Comics on October 1985.

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    The Hawkman arrives, to chair the weekly Justice Battalion Of America meeting. The Hawkman acknowledges the roster, noting the absence of Doctor Fate. German spies pump all the oxygen out of the meeting room. The Hawkman is the first to succumb, followed swiftly by Johnny Thunder, then the Starman. The Atom, and the Sandman, lose consciousness, followed by Wonder Woman. Immune to the effect, the Spectre prepares to ventilate the room, when, astonishingly, he, too, succumbs. The trio of German spies loads the Justice Battalion of America into a truck, then drives them to a farmhouse, in New Jersey.

    There, a Nazi engineer, Heinrich Gootsden, places each individual member of the Justice Battalion of America into a rocket, then launches them into space. The arrival of the Harbinger disrupts the space/time continuum, shunting the rockets into eight parallel universes. Commander Steel scales the Reichschancellery building, in Berlin. Commander Steel has tracked a prisoner of war, Captain Brad Farley, to Berlin. Farley is brought in to be interrogated by an English-speaking German scientist. Commander Steel storms the scientist's laboratory, but is rendered unconscious, by a blow to the head. The All-Star Squadron make an appearance at a war bond rally, in New York.

    The All-Star Squadron are introduced by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Danette Reilly, and Sandra Knight, sell war bonds. Reilly is met by her brother, Rod, who is still recovering from injuries sustained during the attack on Pearl Harbor. On the mend, Rod mentions resuming his masked identity, the Firebrand. The Hourman reveals that Doctor Fate magically removed the Miraclo toxins in his body, saving his life. The downside, however, is that the Hourman can never use Miraclo again. The Hourman is not ready to give up his career as a costumed crime-fighter. Knight asks Reilly to go on another double date with her. Doctor Occult asks Knight to dance.

    Robotman, and the Shining Knight, sign autographs. Reilly surreptitiously lights a stove, using her Firebrand powers. Doctor Occult's mystic totem begins to glow. Both Doctor Fate, and Robotman, sense a disturbance. The Harbinger confronts Reilly, and recruits her, to save the multiverse. The Harbinger, with Reilly, as the Firebrand, depart, watched from the shadows by one of the Anti-Monitor's minions. The Harbinger finds she is inadvertently blocked from returning to her proper era, by Gootsden's technology. The Harbinger throws caution to the wind in breaking through the space/time continuum. The result incinerates the German scientist, in Berlin.

    Commander Steel takes the opportunity to break his bonds, and subdue the guards. Commander Steel gives Farley information to aid in his escape from Germany. Commander Steel attempts to save the German scientist. Both men disappear. Farley, under cover of heavy smoke, escapes the Reichchancellery Building. The All-Star Squadron feels a wave of vertigo. Rod reports that his sister, Reilly, has been abducted. The All-Star Squadron follow the Harbinger's energy signature. Knight changes into her Phantom Lady costume, behind a convenient screen, which turns out to be Plastic Man. Before the Phantom Lady can really chastise Plastic Man, the Black Condor, the Ray, and Uncle Sam appear before them.

    Uncle Sam recruits the Phantom Lady, and Plastic Man, into the Freedom Fighters, to battle the Axis powers on Earth-X. Rod sees the Phantom Lady, and Plastic Man, depart with Uncle Sam. Along with the Phantom Lady, and Plastic Man, the Blackhawks, the Doll Man, the Human Bomb, the Jester, the Manhunter, and his dog, Thor, Midnight, and the Spider, also follow the Freedom Fighters, to Earth-X. Uncle Sam cautions them all, that they will never be able to return to Earth-2. Johnny Chambers weds Libby Lawrence. En route to their honeymoon, they are met by the Green Lantern. The Green Lantern enlists Chambers and Lawrence, as Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, to aid him in rescuing the Firebrand.

    Harbinger sunders the space/time continuum, and departs with the Firebrand. The Green Lantern, Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle just manage to follow, before the space/time rift closes. Feedback from the closing rift incapacitates Doctor Fate, and Robotman. The Amazing Man, and the Tarantula, rescue Robotman. The Shining Knight rescues Doctor Fate. The Green Lantern, Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle, are shunted to Earth-S. Commander Steel is shunted to Earth-1. Doctor Occult warns that a new threat has manifested on Earth-2, originating from outside the known universe. Unbeknownst to the All-Star Squadron, Mister Mind has invaded Earth-2, from Earth-S.

    Golden Age Gallery --The All-Star Squadron insert cover, from Justice League of America #193, and the cover of All-Star Squadron #1, re-illustrated by Rich Buckler, and embellished by Jerry Ordway. Minor changes to the original art have been made.



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    This issue is a bit hard to describe. There is a Crisis Tie-In which will be familiar to anyone who has read the main series of Crisis on Infinite Earths. There is also a reworking of an old JSA story into this newer one, as well as a side story from Earth X and another side story from Commander Steel. Though it has an evocative and compelling cover, the interior of the magazine reads likes mostly unconnected parts and this approach does not do this issue any favours in its presentation. It ...

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