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    REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-SLAYER Part 1 of 3 “Army of Insects” THE SCORPION was just the beginning! Alistair Smythe, THE SPIDER-SLAYER, has returned, and Mac Gargan isn’t the only subject he’s upgraded. The Spider-Slayer is about to unleash an entire INSECT ARMY on Spider-Man’s world! And as part of his ultimate revenge, Smythe is out turn one of Spidey’s first ever victories into one of his biggest losses. Everyone is at risk. Big changes are coming! plus an all-new story showing a hidden side of Mac Gargan’s past!


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    Can Spider-Man Handle A Lot of Spider-Slayers? 0

    Big Time continues but we know Spider-Man's luck can't hold out forever, right? Get ready for a boatload of Spider-Slayers plus the return of Mac Gargan as the Scorpion.  The Good You want character development, that's what you get with Dan Slott writing. I may not be crazy about Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker as a couple but there's a nice conversation involving the two. We also see more of Peter's cast of supporting characters including Flash Thompson and Betty Brant. While setting things up f...

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    Amazing Spider-Man 652 0

           BigGER Time! Okay, well maybe it's just as big as before but still, Amazing Spider-Man continues the Big Time story line and moves forward with part 2, the Revenge of the Spider-Slayer! What sounds like an amazing (hehe) B-Movie title is in actuality Mac Gargan and Alistair Smythe out for vengeance against J. Jonah Jameson, the man who has wronged them so many times before! It's up to Spidey to save the day. So with that on your mind, let's see what Dan Slott and new story artist Stefano ...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Bugs, bugs, and more bugs... 0

    Synopsis: Can Spider-man stop Alistair Smythe and the new and improved Mac Gargan aka Scorpion from sabotaging a space shuttle with Jameson's son on it? Also, The Looter makes an appearance in the second feature! What's good? The beginning of this issue just hit a warm spot in my heart. Not only is Peter feeling good about life, but he's enjoying it with most of his friends and family: his girlfriend Charlie, Aunt May, Jay Jameson Sr., Flash and Betty (back together if you haven't heard) and Ma...

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