Crisis on Infinite Earths #3

    Crisis on Infinite Earths » Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 - Oblivion Upon Us released by DC Comics on June 1985.

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    The heroes of the DCU are only beginning to realize the scope of the danger they are in, and it may already be too late. The Flash inexplicably disappears; the Teen Titans try desperately to curb the death and destruction caused by this cataclysmic event; and the Legion of Super-Heroes stand helpless as a wave of anti-matter threatens to wipe them and their world from existence forever.

    The Monitor is studying why Alex Luther Jr. is growing so fast. The Harbinger watches and sets out to betray him. She leaves the Monitor and goes to the mysterious figure who will later be revealed as the Anti-Monitor. He tells Harbinger to destroy the Luther Child.

    On Earth-1 the Flash is time traveling and discovers that the universe is being destroyed. He then vibrates away.

    Also on Earth-1 the Titans and the Outsiders try to stop the nothingness that is consuming the world. Later Superman and Batman help them. But no one can stop the nothingness from slowly consuming the world. After a while the Flash shows up with a few cryptic words of doom and then vibrates away again.

    In space, Brainiac watches the universe being destroyed, it knows that it needs help from Earth.

    In 1944 Markovia is the WWII battleground between the United States and German Solders. The Easy Company, the Haunted Tank and the Losers are all battling to stop the German Troops. Dr. Polaris, Geo-Force and the Blue Beetle are also there to protect one of the Monitor's towers in the middle of the city. At first things go well for everyone, but then the shadows attack and all the Losers disappear. Another victim of the shadows is Flower also known as Farmer Boy from Easy Company. The heroes battle the shadows and defeat some but the Blue Beetle is knocked off the tower by one of the shadows. The Monitor watches as Blue Beetle tumbles to his death. Disappointed, the Monitor returns him to his own time.

    In the future Superman, Dawnstar, Solovar and Kamandi rest only to discover that Solovar is mortally wounded and then he disappears like the Blue Beetle.

    Back in the western United States 1879 Bat Lash gets tossed out of a women's home. Undaunted, he bids farewell and goes to meet Ke-Woh-No-Tay at a mysterious tower that looks just like the Monitor's towers. He rides until he reaches a mine that surrounds the tower. When he walks into the mine he sees Ke-Woh-No-Tay, Johnny Thunder, Jonah Hex and Nighthawk. They contemplate the tower until Cyborg, Firebrand, Psimon and the Green Lantern Jon Stewart show up. They barely get a chance to talk before they are attacked by shadows. Psimon is put out of commission by the shadows and Green Lantern's ring fails due to the battery being destroyed earlier. The mine caves in on the group but Nighthawk manages to get out. Nighthawk is then consumed by the nothingness that is destroying the universe.

    The nothingness is also destroying the future. The Legion of Superheroes try to save people but one of their group, Kid Psycho, is absorbed by the nothingness.

    On his satellite, the Monitor watches all that is going on when Harbinger walks in and shoots him in the back with beams from her hands.


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