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"Do you believe in Magik?" You will -- when you see Illyana in action! That's right -- this story picks up where the Magik limited series left off, and when Colossus's kid sister battles the evil S'ym, the excitement never lets up! Oh, yeah, the New Mutants are in this issue too!

Illyana Rasputin has returned from Limbo as a young teenager. Yet, despite the snow and joy the New Mutants get out of playing in it, she holds herself apart and contemplates the huge weight on her shoulders. She especially notes the Beatrice Medallion and how it only needs two more marks to become complete. She feels that she can’t trust anyone with her secret of being full of so much evil power.

Professor Xavier looks on and is troubled that he hasn’t been able to read Illyana’s mind since she returned from Limbo. The New Mutants see the look of concern on his face and wonder if it isn’t due to sadness at his girlfriend Lilandra’s departure from the school. They plan a party to cheer him up and head to town to get supplies. Illyana joins them and they convince Stevie Hunter to drive.

While away, the demon S’ym confronts Xavier. The Professor puts up a weak defense but is easily bested. S’ym then waits for Illyana to return so he can take her back to Belasco, the ruler of Limbo who wants Illyana as his heir.

At Salem Center, the New Mutants are surprised that the mall is still being repaired. (It had been destroyed when Sentinels attacked some time prior.) Cannonball tries to impress Amara with his strength and the teens bump in to some old friends. The team then heads home.

At the school, things seem too quiet. Illyana volunteers to see what the Professor is up to, since he can’t read her mind and spoil the party. She stumbles onto S’ym and fails to fight back, as she is too traumatized at seeing the demon that terrorized her in Limbo. She has the resolve, however, to teleport the New Mutant team into the school via Limbo. The boys and Rahne try to fight S’ym one-on-one and fail. Dani steps in and conjures up S’ym’s latent fears – images of Belasco and his hoped-for successor, Illyana as the Darkchylde. S’ym is only briefly scared, but it is enough for Stevie (on her bum knee) to carry Illyana away. S’ym quickly finds them but Illyana comes to and confronts her tormentor with the Soulsword. S’ym trembles and swears allegiance to Illyana. She banishes him to Limbo and then wipes Stevie’s mind, as she doesn’t want anyone to know of her power.

That evening, the party for the Professor is in full swing. The X-Men appear and find Stevie’s car and a mountain in the school (all part of the fight with S’ym). They join the party. Illyana is still ill at ease until the Professor stands and asks her to dance. She begins to see that he may have an idea as to her secret magic but treats her the same. She happily accepts the dance.

Outside, Doug Ramsey takes Kitty Pryde aside and tells her that he has been accepted to the Massachusetts Academy. Kitty doesn’t know how to tell him how dangerous that could be.


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