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The world is still shaking from the revelations of #3 and there are more where those came from. IN THIS ISSUE- The true history of Nostradamus, the defeat of a Celestial at the hands of a mortal man and HOW THE WORLD ENDS!

1956 Rome: Leonardo introduces himself to an incredulous Isaac Newton and tells him how he tunneled through spacetime to get there. He presents a glowing sphere ‘the Human Machine’ that floats up in the air. Leonardo tells Isaac that he will ‘stand in the gap.’

Leonardo goes back to Leonid in Iter, puts on his flying suit and tells Leonid to find a passage behind an ‘open eye.’

114AD Luoyan, China: Zhang Heng converses with the female Celestial, who is pregnant with a baby Celestial somehow. Instead of destroying the Earth or Moon, the Celestial is sent to the Sun where she can give the baby the sustenance it needs.

1956: Leonardo flies into space to the Sun where he sees the Celestial give birth - the baby flies out to him and he catches it. Back in the Immortal City, Leonid finds the passage and encounters Nostradamus in his dungeon.

1652: Isaac Newton fills a syringe with a diluted solution of the liquid which he calls the Infinity Formula and injects it into the chained up Nostradamus. Nostradamus then foretells some events of human history.

1956: Nostradamus reveals how in 1645 glowing Michelangelo (the Forever Man) had visited him and told him about what Isaac Newton would do to him. Nostradamus agrees because he is the Catalyst and the Architect of Revelation.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverGerald Parel1
VarHistorical VariantDustin Weaver2
VarVampire VariantMike Mayhew3


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Review: SHIELD #4 0

Hoo boy... where to even start in trying to describe this issue? Leonid learns even more of SHIELD's centuries-long secret history, which includes the imprisonment of Nostradumus and the "wet nursing" of a pregnant Celestial.  The GoodThis book's weaving of real history, esoteric science and Marvel continuity is nothing short of phenomenal. The revelations about the origins of Nick Fury's infinity formula and the Celstials' interest in Earth (a carry over from Earth X) are just the kind of intel...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

God´s sun 0

The Story - After revealing himself, Leonardo da Vinci asks Leonid to fear Isaac Newton and to find the truth: he´s to set free Nostradamus, then he leaves again to become Earth´s first man in space with a special mission: "giving birth" to a baby Celestial that is being nursed in the sun. The Writing- This is a mini series totally different from Marvel standarts: there´s sci fi with history and a intense cross reference with stuff that really happened. Like the fact that lying in the center of...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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