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Secrets involving the "Return of Bruce Wayne" affect all three Sirens and set the girls against each other in a brutal display of their villainous roots! Guest-starring Zatanna and Talia al Ghul.   
Zatanna appears to Catwoman and warns her to keep Poison away.  Catwoman has no idea from what and Zatanna is not telling.  Within minutes trees are burning in the park and the Gotham City Sirens are there and meet a none to pleased Zatanna.  They then battle monstrous creatures and Talia tries to warn Catwoman to stay away because people are trying to kidnap her in an attept to probe her mind to find the identity of Batman.


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In my head. 0

Story: The story starts off with Catwoman running in a mansion whereing a gown. She's running to a man that appears to be Bruce and they look as if they are in love. Hours before this Alfred contacts Dick and Damian that there is magical activity detected somewhere and he wants them to check it out. Selina is taking a bath and Zatanna appears. Zatanna wants Selina to watch Poison Ivy and keep her out of sight. Selina wants to know why, but Zatanna won't tell her. Selina tells Ivy this and Harley...

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This is the start of something Big! 0

Talia Al Ghul and Zatanna as I live and breathe! The guest of Gotham city arrive to help out our Anti-Heroines.  My Opinon As the issue starts out we get a glimpse of Catwoman's psyche and of her knowledge of Bruce but before we get to see more Zatanna arrives giving Catwoman a cryptic message to Ivy, now this is where it leads to an anti-climatic fizzle she warns Ivy not to interfere which leads her to interefering anyway (she's Poison Ivy if Batman can't get her to give up terrorizing Gotham w...

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Selina's been catnapped 0

Someone knows that Selina knows the identity of Batman, and kidnaps her. It's up to the Sirens and some additional help from Zatanna and Talia al Ghul to save her.Pros: It's been a while since Selina been the central character in Sirens (okay, about 3 issues), and since Bruce Wayne is returning soon, this is a great time for an arc with her. There's a nice couple of special appearances with Batman, Robin, Alfred, Oracle Zatanna and Talia. Besides the last issue, Harley hasn't got any special att...

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