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    With Bruce Wayne soon to return to Gotham City, the secret past lives of his parents, Thomas and Martha, have come back to haunt the family legacy in chapter three of this 6-part sequel to "Heart of Hush"! What bizarre experience in their past is connected to a horrible plan that Tommy Elliot has set in motion?

    And in the co-feature, Two-Face's desperate grab at power continues as he and his gang hold an entire subway train hostage! But how could he possibly escape capture with the FBI waiting for him at the next stop?

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    Waiting to pick up the pieces... 0

    Story: The story starts off with Bruce (Hush) trying to get Jane Doe released from Arkham Asylum. Katana talks to Hush and lets him know that she knows what he's up to. Mr. Pierce is talking to his friend at a spot where he made a deal with Martha Wayne. He tells him about what happened that day. He tells his friend that he is going to have to kill her son Bruce because he did not get to kill Martha and her husband. Hush is going to something for the media as Bruce again. He takes Zatanna with h...

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    Review: Batman Streets of Gotham #16 0

    Hush, who had plastic surgery done to look like Bruce Wayne, continues to pose as Gotham city's number one playboy while being "babysat" by Zatanna. What does he have planned for the city and who's trying to kill him?  The Good Many Streets of Gotham fans, like myself, have been waiting for this storyline to pick back up, and the creative team of Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen deliver a highly entertaining book. Even though Thomas "Hush" Elliot has been posing as Bruce Wayne for quite some tim...

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    House of Hush Chapter One 0

    I’m a lot more interested in the Two-Face backup feature, but it’s pretty small this month. I’ll start with the main feature then. Dini’s writing is great, as always, but the plot of House of Hush is really taking its time, and that’s not a good thing. Nguyen’s art is, again, good but not enough happens to test his abilities this month. Now on to the main feature: Brandon’s writing is still good, but this chapter is too short for him to really do anything. Same thing with Bachs’ art, who I thin...

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