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Don't miss this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in as Guy Gardner continues his secret mission for Atrocitus! Just as he discovers the Red Lantern energy still has him in its grip, Guy must deal with Red Lantern Bleez as a new teammate, which only leads to dangerous agitation. Can Kilowog, Arisia and the others save Guy – or will they turn on him when they learn the secret of his sinister mission?

Sector Zero, Planet Oa: Guy Gardner reflexes on the events of the past few days, wondering what will be his legacy and will his fellow Green Lanterns of Earth understand his actions. Meanwhile elsewhere Arisa has a nightmare about letting Sodam Yat die in the Daxam sun and Kilowag has a run in with a well meaning recruit named Barro Cruzz, which ends with the former drill instructor yelling at the rookie for just saying thank you.

Later, Kilowag and Arisa find Guy ready to leave Oa to patrol the Unknown Sector, and convince him to take them with him on his latest mission. Guy soon convince the trio to make a stop on Odym, the home of the Blue Lantern, so the Blue Lanterns can cleanse him of the Red Lantern ring he wore earlier.

On Odym, Guy convinces Brother Warth to help him but Bleez attacks Guy interrupting the Blue Lantern's help.

The Unknown Sector, Planet Kralox: Zardor adds the mind powers of Elder Council of Syrinx to his own and reveals his plan to destroy the Guardian of the Galaxy for banishing to the Unknown Sector after taking away his Green Lantern Power ring.


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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #2 0

Guy Gardner, Arisia, and Kilowag team up for a secret mission, but there's a few stops they have to make first.  The Good This is the Green Lantern Corps book! No offense to the current series, but it has lost its stride. This book has everything I want from a GLC book: Guy Gardner, Kilowag, and lantern corps members going on missions, no matter how small. It must be incredibly hard to write a Green Lantern book at the moment considering, over the past 6 years, the corps has dealt with Hal ...

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Putting the 'S' in WarriorS 0

The Good: Kilowog. I was very disappointed that the first issue suffered from a lack of Wog, especially when he was mentioned in the description and on the freaking variant cover, but there was no Wog to be found. This issue compensates for that with some very excellent Wog. There's a damn powerful scene where a rookie comes to gush at him and he gives him some advice. It's an excellent scene that really digs deep down into Wog's character. The nightmare that Arisa has was an excellently handled...

2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Emerald Warriors Sure Do Seem To Mope A Lot 0

Spending much of its time recapping what many Green Lantern readers already know, the second issue of Emerald Warriors is a step down from the first. It lacks the excitement of the first issue, which had a lot of new and interesting developments brewing. This issue dwells mostly on the current emotional problems of Arisia, Kilowog and Guy, which most readers likely already know enough about.  Arisia continues to mourn the apparent loss of Sodam Yat, complete with a traumatic dream sequence that ...

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