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The creative team of Jonathan Maberry and Goran Parlov take you on a journey into the darkest territory in this Marvel Knights limited series. A terrible plague has swept the Earth, turning everyone - human, hero, villain, god and monster - into sadistic cannibal predators. As Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Thing and other infected start a feeding frenzy, the world falls in a wave of insatiable violence. Now, five years later, one man hunts the wasteland that was New York City. One man stands against the hordes of monsters who hunt the night. He is the Punisher, the Last Gun on Earth. And he has an endless supply of ammunition.


New York was infected with a disease that limited peoples' higher brain functions which reduced everyone to cannibals. Everyone except for the Punisher. He was forced to hunt the infected and was on the trail of the Hulk. He shot the Hulk in the eye with an arrow made of a broken piece of Wolverine's claw. The Hulk collapsed and Punisher seized the opportunity to kill the incredible Hulk.

In the distance the Punisher could hear cries for help. Upon further investigation, he discovered two survivors in a church trapped in a pit. As Punisher lowered a rope to rescue a clergyman & a young boy, Venom ambushed the Punisher. He managed to kill Venom and pull the two out of the pit before more infected within the church could stop him.

Along the way back to Punisher's hideout the preacher explained he had been trying to help those not infected but, everyday more and more people turn and become cannibals. He thanked God for answering his prayers and sending the Punisher to come rescue him, but Punisher did not share his belief in God and sees their timely rescue as a coincidence or luck. The pastor explained that he has not lost his faith in God despite the all that has happened. He saw irrevocable proof of hell all around him and conversely knows if Hell exists than Heaven must also exist.

At the Punisher's hideout Deadpool called out Punisher wanting to talk. The Punisher shot Deadpool several times before tying him up. Deadpool told him there were more survivors, and that his boss would like to talk with Punisher. The Punisher left Deadpool with a necklace made of hand grenades around his neck and went back inside the hideout to find Spider-Man (Deadpool's boss) holding the priest and the boy.


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Yeah this is what I'm talking about!!! 0

I hate the Franken-Castle stuff, I miss the old Punisher because what was so interesting about him was that he was a human, but he was probably the most deadliest man on the planet. When Punisher has a target, or is in a fight, he doesn't hold back and that is what makes him so bad ass and make it believable that he really could take down someone like the Hulk.   The story begins here, the last issue was build up, this issue moves the plot forward. I'm still digging where this story is going and...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

Review: Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher 0

After taking care of a disease-maddened Hulk, the Punisher comes across a couple of survivors who may hold the answer to source of the plague... or they may just be bait for a trap.  The Good Parlov was my favorite artist on Punisher Max and he's really one of the most underrated talents in comics right now. There's a stoic strength to his lines that infuses every subject he renders with true heft and personality. I'm amazed out how he's able to use just a few choice lines to convey such subtl...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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