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    ONE MOMENT IN TIME Part 1 & 2 The questions have been haunting readers throughout Spider-Man’s Brand New Day and now the answers are here in four double-sized issues! What really happened at the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane? What does Mary Jane know about Spider-Man today? How did ONE MORE DAY affect the Marvel U? Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera are here to pull back the curtain and fill in every blank…but the answers may come at a cost to all that Peter Parker loves. This 4-part arc will hold answers, resolutions, and set up the course of Spider-Man's life for years to come… …and all will be revealed with a whisper. And in Part 2, it's Mary Jane's turn to come clean. What secrets has she been keeping? And who REALLY saved Aunt May? You may think you know the answer, but you're about to find out the truth!



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    One moment in time 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic  Oh no...Oh please god no...He wouldn't. He couldn't. It's unbelievable,it's unimaginable,it's unconscionable but he did it, That son of a bitch did it. That miserable piece of shit actually did it. Joe Quesada actually had THE BALLS TO ACTUALLY MAKE ONE MORE DAY EVEN WORSE!!!!! He did it Joe Quesada Quesada has reached the level of of Tommy Wiseau, Jason Freidberg and Aron Seltzer he has reached the peak of bad writing, the utopia of shit, the literal Heaven of wh...

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    OMIT being very predictable 0

    Cover The cover is perfect and made very excited for this issue. The art was great on it and just the concept of Spider-man and MJ being together was great on this cover. Story The story where One More Day ended when MJ is not married to Peter and history as we know it just changed. Peter meets up with peter and thinks they should talk about everything. MJ wants be part of Peter’s life and wants to be friends and not be so distant. Peter is in his apartment and is looking at a picture of Gwen an...

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    Amazing Spider-Man Issue 638 0

    Let this be known, in case it wasn't already clear enough. ONE MORE DAY SUCKS. I think that the entire comic book community can agree on this. I mean, I'm sorry, but while in concept, getting rid of Spideys marriage is great to bring him to his humble roots (Although unnecessary), isn't all bad. However, it was in the final product that things became truly un-amazing. As a result, revisiting the whole thing isn't my favorite idea for a comic ever, but with Rivera on art, I'll definitely read it,...

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