Avengers Academy #2

    Avengers Academy » Avengers Academy #2 - Gifted & Talented released by Marvel on September 1, 2010.

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    TIME TO MEET THE AVENGERS ACADEMY TEACHERS! Hank Pym, Quicksilver, Tigra, Justice and Speedball (that’s right, we said Speedball) are here to mentor the next generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…but is one of the students hot for teacher? Plus: Get a glimpse inside the mind of Finesse, the enigmatic polymath who can duplicate any skill but who finds human interaction the most baffling mystery of all! The return of the walking death machine known as Arsenal! Hints at a student's possible connection with a well known Marvel character! Quicksilver gets old school! All this, and one of the kids makes a Faustian bargain!


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    Some One Needs A Time Out 0

    I loved issue #1 of Avengers Academy and issue #2 two shows you just how much trouble the instructors are headed for when a show down with Finesse eventually happens.  You can almost bet your lucky underwear it is going to happen and as Finesse takes center stage for issue #2 you can tell that it will not be pretty.  She may be awkward socially but her mind is her real weapon and her abilities to learn just about anything after seeing it done once makes her a handful in combat (and if you are th...

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    Finesse = Temperance Brennan from Bones is awesome in my book. 0

    In this issue we switch our narrating from Veil to Finess as we see how she fits in the academy.   The Story :In beginning of this issue we see the students eating breakfest and we learn that Reptil has never kissed a girl before.Finesse offers to kiss him but before he gets gets the chance to do so they get attacked byArsenal.We learn that it was actually Pietro that activated him withJocasta's help to see how the students would react in a situation were they get attacked out of the blue.Then t...

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    Finesse makes everyone look bad. 0

    Story: It's breakfast time at the academy and the team finds out that Reptil never kissed a girl before. Finesse decides to be his first kiss when suddenly a giant robot comes crashing through. Finesse of course knows what is and who built it. It's Arsenal and Iron Man's dad built it. The team defeats it and it turns out that it was just a training session programmed by Quicksilver. The team finishes up another training session and Hazmat comes up with the idea for all of them to just walk out. ...

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