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    GRIM HUNT PART 1: A SPIDER-MAN EPIC TWO DECADES IN THE MAKING BEGINS! Several years ago, one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, Kraven the Hunter, stalked his last prey, dying with a violent, misbegotten honor. Now, two women claiming to be his wife and daughter have tracked Spider-Man, through the urban jungle, weakening him through the Gauntlet while they prepare to attempt an unholy resurrection. They’re hunting Spiders…and Spider-Man’s friends and namesakes are in their sights. Written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Michael Lark (DAREDEVIL) this is only the beginning of a Spider-summer that will be talked about for years to come. ALSO BEGINNING THIS ISSUE: TWO EXCLUSIVE FEATURES! Original Spidey creator Stan Lee returns with Marcos Martin for a 2-page Spidey Sunday Feature that brings the real world into Spidey’s world! PLUS: J.M. DeMatteis, author of the classic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” returns to the Amazing Spider-Man with Max Fiumara to explore an unknown confrontation between Kraven and Spidey's violent doppelganger KAINE…a battle which promises ramifications on the Grim Hunt itself.


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    I Was Scared & Excited For This 0

    Kraven the Hunter. He was pretty much always a lame/cheesy villain until Kraven's Last Hunt. That arc was simply crazy good. He elevated himself fifty times and finally proved himself as a worthy villain for Spider-Man. In the end, he went out with a bang...literally. That was such a powerful story that still stands the test the time. With The Grim Hunt, there's talk of a "resurrection." That's where my fear comes in.  The Good This arc starts off perfectly. We've been reading through The Gaun...

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    A grim start for an awesome storyline 0

     The Story: The Kraven family starts to move on with their plan and hunt down all the Spider related heroes. A returning cast of a few Spiderman characters, Spiderman finds himself involved in a dangerous event that has him crossing paths with the Kraven family and involved in a situation thats far worse than what he thinks.  The Good:  - The return of a unique Spiderman character that would be involved in the storyline and the return of an old Spiderman villian (which isn't Kraven the Hunter). ...

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    Grim Hunt finally begins 0

    To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Kraven. I mean, he was one of the greatest hunter alive, and yet,  he was afraid of spiders (granted, everyone has his or her own phobia) . Even with Kraven's Last Hunt, I still didn't really like him. It's a great story arc, but I just personally don't like Kraven. His wife and daughter however, has been causing Spider-man's life a living hell than Kraven did with The Gauntlet.  Now The Grim Hunt begins, and finally, we see the Kravinoffs plans unfold and con...

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