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“SHED” CONTINUES! The new brutal, reptilian reality threatens to take down Peter Parker and the very man who set these violent wheels in motion. The Lizard as you know him is gone…in its place something even more dangerous. The “Grim Hunt” can now begin…


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"Shed" conclusion. Written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Chris Bachalo. The story starts off with people, in the direct vecinity surrounding the Lizard, going crazy and killing each other. The Lizard had done something to the peoples minds causing them to be violent. Spider-Man shows up to play the hero once again thankfully. He had drank a serum which had kept Curt Connors from becoming the Lizard, so the Lizards mind effect would not cause him to go feral. Spidey confronts the Lizard and trys to t...

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"Shed" concludes 0

I did not expect to see a "happy" conclusion to this arc, and I was right. However, Shed part IV did delivered a good conclusion overall to "Shed" and a great Lizard story in years.  Pros:  For the conclusion to this very interesting arc was interesting. Again, there was no sign of Ana, which made this between Spider man and Lizard.  We see Peter desperately trying whatever to get Curt Connors back. On top of that, he has to deal with the people of New York who are being "mind controlled" by th...

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Something was wrong with SHED 0

To be fair on this comic and the artist known as Bachelo, I strongly felt that Bachelo shouldn't have done the SHED series because he's one of those artist that its either you like or dislike.  Bachelo is a very powerful artist, in a way I can compare him to Alex Ross, because its about the artwork, and thats how it should be, the storyline is just the frosting on the cake.  Bachelo is one of those artists that needs time to draw and design a comic without being half-ass about it, which is why t...

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