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Spinning from the shocking twist ending of FALL OF THE HULKS, Jeff Parker (WORLD WAR HULKS: ALPHA, AVENGERS VS. ATLAS, THUNDERBOLTS) and Humberto Ramos (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN) bring you the most incredible new character from the House of Ideas: HULKPOOL! What sacrifices will he make for the greater good? What horrible decisions will change the world as we know it? And what do Devil Dinosaur, Rawhide Kid, Rama Tut, and Bluebeard the Pirate have to do with this?

The issue starts with Bob teleported Hulkpool to the time where Bucky Barnes was going to die by missle. Hulkpool then came in and moved the missle to the Red Skull's base where Hitler and the Red Skull are. Hulkpool then had the missle land at the base while saving Bucky Barnes and Captain America. Hulkpool then teleports to the time where the truck with toxic waste was going to hit Matt Murdock. Hulkpool saved Murdock (preventing Murdock from getting his powers). Then Hulkpool is sent to the time where Steven Strange was about to have his car crashed until Hulkpool Saved Strange (preventing him to become Dr. Strange). Then he did other preventing stuff like with the Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Spiderman, even the Hulk. So then Hulkpool finally got to Deadpool at a strip club. The two fought each other until Hulkpool killed Deadpool. It also turned out that changing history will only make alternate timelines (kinda like alternate universes). So after that Hulkpool reached the present and left Bob in the middle of the desert


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